The Ins and Outs of Using Technology to Survey a Building

There are many traditional tools were for surveying from ancient times onwards. With the technological advancement over the last few decades, surveying materials and equipment have been upgraded to many new ones, which are capable of increasing the efficiency of surveyors and accuracy of the survey process.

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Moreover,  had also changed largely from the first generation methods. Initially, it was just a set of drawing pens and the damp-meters. The Rotring pens had been then been eradicated and the damp-meter later developed into the form of dew point and other diagnostic functions.

The traditional tools got upgraded and there were also a lot of new ones got introduced lately, including the latest 3D laser scanning mechanisms. The task of a land surveyor also made much easier with these tools. Say for example the thermograph cameras can now allow to assess the whole range of building performance issues and easily identify the defects without the need for carrying out any destructive interventions. Thermographic surveying can easily assess the water ingress beneath the flooring of big structures and also the roof coverings to identify heat loss.

Latest technological advancements

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We can see that even remote control drones are now used largely in terms of conducting land surveys in even the difficult to access sites. These are subjected to a lot of restrictions and regulations, but such devices are now largely used in effective visual and thermographic surveys. Drones are also used to survey the large or tall buildings where access using the traditional mechanisms can be very expensive and can also possess health safety and health risks.

One another area of change, where technology will show the magic will be the way databases are now used to create, use, manipulate, and process comprehensive data and information at each stages of a building construction or project life-cycle. We had been using such systems for more than a couple of decades now, however, the current progress in BIM (Building Information Modelling) offers this ancillary process a good momentum.

BIM models are already being largely in order to create and store comprehensive information about large-scale construction and remodelling projects, and the major advantage of this approach is that the data can be used overtime at each stage of a building’s life-cycle for long years. In many of the big structures in the UK, BIM model is already being effectively used as a user-friendly facility management tool.

The future of technology-based surveying

Information can now be now easily linked to the data of the manufacturer as well as facility manager to keep it always current. The advanced methods of CAD, BIM modelling and the high-end tools used for surveying including drones, helicopters, and 3D laser surveying methods everything come together to define the future of land surveying, making it a much more easier and highly accurate process.


However on the other end, it is also fact that technology makes everyone an expert, and this in turn may end up in making mistakes by devaluing the advice of an expert profession. People are getting overwhelmed with a lot of websites and myriad of contradicting information to put one into confusion. So, at the first point, along with the tools and technological advancement, the insight and skillfulness of a seasoned surveyor is also important to accomplish surveys with perfection.


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