Air Fryer Technology: How Does an Air Fryer Work

Air Fryer Technology: How Does an Air Fryer Work

It’s 10 PM and you feel so lonely! A favorite movie is on the television and you need some French fries or some other snacks, what should you do? Well, you have three options, first of them is to use your Goblet and oil so you have to wait and take care of the fries not be over fried, the movie is ending!! The second choice is to pick up your phone and call a nearby restaurant, it is extra fees here. So it is time to introduce to you the third option, it is the magic Air Fryer.

how air fryer technology work

It is a must to have kitchen appliance which is used for frying of French fries, fish, sausage, eggs, cheese burgers, steaks, pastries, potato chips, chicken and more.

How Air Fryer’s Technology Works

Air Fryer TechnologyAir fryer is a fast appliance that works by enclosing the food which is put in a basket which is surrounded by a layer of oil and this layer is very thin with in circulating air that reaches 200 degrees Celsius heating food with encountering internal pressure.

Air Fryers need to get the basket shaken to ensure the exposure to oil in an even manner, that’s done manually or automatically by the air fryer itself. There’s a fan that is used to circulate hot air around the food. Mostly, the Air fryer is supported with adjustments for temperature and times. Also, some air fryers contain accessories including cake barrels, skewer racks, and pizza pans. do some air fryer reviews on different air fryer brands, you can check all these brands and take some decision to buy the best one.

Air Fryers appear to have the same benefits as the traditional ovens but with a smaller size and less heat. It is also known that air fryers have a less cooking time by 20 percent than the traditional ovens. To be safe, you shouldn’t put oil inside the air fryer or out any flammable object near the air fryer to not produce flames. We should mention that the first patent air fryer was invented by Turbochef Technologies in 2005.

It was invented to provide fast and wide service of frying food for famous chains of hotels, well-known restaurants, and big feeding outlets. Philips was the initiative produce of Air Fryers as a kitchen appliance for the home in 2010, it was introduced in Berlin in the famous fair for the consumer electronics, Internationale Funkausstellung  (IFA).

How Good are Air Fryers: Benefits of Air Fryers

Air fryers are now produced by many companies. The features of them are variable according to many measures; the most important of these measures are the healthy measures as some of the Air Fryers provide food with 80 percent less fat than preparing the food with conventional ovens or using classical methods of cooking such as the goblet. So, if you need a healthy, fast and delicious food, all you need to browse your internet and search for the best air fryer that fits your needs and your budget. You can also browse this page and find what are the customer reviews on air fryers?

Air fryer technology is developing very fast and in the future, it may replace the traditional methods for frying food. We expect much from Air Fryer technology, so stay tuned for the latest air fryers and I am sure there will always add new features.