Types Of Carbon dioxide incubators

Carbon dioxide incubation chamber is a laboratory equipment which is mostly found in every laboratory. It provides favorable environment i.e temperature, CO2, and humidity for the growth of micro-organisms and for other tissue cells. These incubators are widely used in research organizations, hospitals, pathological laboratories and other industrial purposes. It offers controlled temperature and humidity which is required for the growth of cells and tissues. In most of the industry, we can find this device to facilitate the workers in their research work.

Mostly BOD incubators are made up of thick PRPC sheet and heavy gauge stainless steel to protect it from rust and maintain the insulation of the device. To ensure the maximum efficiency of carbon dioxide, there is a gap between two chambers which is filled with high mineral glass wool. These incubators also come with HEPA filters that maintain the environment of a chamber and limit the exposure of unit with dust and other toxic particles. It also maintains humidity and ventilation levels.

In biological laboratories, a bacteriological incubator is used for culturing tissue and to carry out genetic engineering for preserving the species that are about the extinct from the environment. This genetic engineering is also helpful to improve the nutritional level in fruits and vegetables.

Not only this, incubators are also used in hospitals for keeping premature babies away from contaminated environment and hatch poultry. Neuroscience used this small but magical device for cancer research, mammalian cell research and in vitro fertilization. Basically, two types of carbon dioxide incubators are widely used i.e air jacketed incubators and water jacketed. The air jacked incubator chamber use air as a heating and cooling medium on the other hand water jacketed incubator use water as a cooling or a heating medium. Mostly people use water jacketed incubators because they lead to lesser temperature fluctuations.

Carbon dioxide incubators are included various systems like environment scanners, line process indicators, and temperature controllers and it has a huge storage capacity. Many selves are fitted in the unit so that samples can place in it easily. Apart from all these facilities, these incubators come with backup system and alarm that make you update about the currently running process of a chamber.

All these incubators are very efficient and reliable and gracefully designed. CO2 incubator chambers generally have a long life and need less maintenance and its cost is also affordable. Cleanliness of these devices is also very easy. With the integration of latest technologies, the manufacturers of incubator chambers made it more advanced, a previously standard model of this equipment are available in the market but now many shapes and sizes in this device are available so that buyer can choose best once for their your. Now customized models of carbon dioxide incubator are also available which are specially designed according to the needs of individuals. These devices now used user-friendly software which helps the user to create graphs and reports.