Considerations before buying a magnetic hotplate stirrer

Liquid Thickness
If the liquid you are attempting to heat or mix is very thick you may need a more authoritative tool whether the amount of liquid is less. If you are attempting to heat or turn a liquid with the thickness of honey a magnetic stirrer hot plate is almost certainly not for you. Extremely thick liquids may be effectively addressed with a transparency stirrer.

Liquid Volume
The liquid volume you are searching to heat, mix or both will give the option of stir obtainable to you. The more liquid you are searching to stir or heat, the more influential your hotplate magnetic stirrer will require to be.

Temperature prerequisites
Based on how hot you require heating your liquid, the control of the hotplate will require being sufficient to approach your needed temperature. For even heating of the fluid, it is feasible to employ a heating chunk on top of the hotplate to make a more even heat swap amid the hotplate and the fluid.

RPM prerequisites
If it is significant that your fluid is mixed at a steady RPM, then you require ensuring you select a stirrer able to fulfill your needs. High speed stirring prerequisites are generally simple to get, however if you are attempting to carry out very slow stirring you may get a magnetic stirrer is not appropriate for your application based on your RPM prerequisites.