Different applications of blood bank equipments

In a laboratory there are various equipments that are employed in doing different experiments. The employment of these equipments differs as per their applications. For example in a medical lab, there are equipments like blood bank refrigerators, freeze dryer, deep freezers, ice flaker machine and different blood bank equipments. The above described comprises medical refrigeration. Medical refrigeration is required for each type of laboratory.

It is very significant to make sure that the medical refrigeration capability that is employed in hospitals or laboratories are very successful. If we talk about blood bank refrigerators, they are equipments used to accumulate and safeguard blood for different blood groups, so as to offer it to the patient when there is an urgent situation. These equipments are very diverse as they have a characteristic type of temperature variety that subsists from 2 degree to 4 degree celsius. These equipments involve micro-processor based heat controller cum pointer inside them that controls the heat.

By these, equipments are employed in safeguarding and accumulating blood, but there are methods and means to increase the time period in which blood can be accumulated. This can be accomplished by appending glycerol prior freezing, but this process of appending glycerol is costly as well as it also requires very cold freezer for a secured storage. It is very important to have a proper accumulation of blood, as normal refrigerator would not be capable of performing the job of accumulating blood, so certainly we require blood bank refrigerators.

Blood bank refrigerators include a digital temperature suggestion, decay free outside and inside; they even have PUF lagging, are very light in heaviness and are developed for a long accumulation of blood. These equipments are extremely tough, dependable and do not even need high maintenance.