Important Medical Laboratory Equipment

The refrigerated centrifuge is a device that mostly found in research laboratories, Educational & Research institutions, Medical Laboratories, Pharmaceutical laboratories, Blood Banks etc. It offers relatively low temperature ranges from -5 C to – 20C for some sensitive tests. There are different models and designs of refrigerated centrifuges are available in the market according to the requirements of users. Basically, two model of this device is immensely popular in the market i.e C-24 BL in table top design and C-30 BL a compact high¬speed high volume floor standing centrifuge. The refrigerated centrifuge suppliers put their extra efforts to make this equipment more reliable and efficient. Now, electronic centrifuges having temperature adjusting facility for some sensitive sample are available in this device which allows users not to take tension about changing the temperature manually. These centrifuges have soft touch keypad through which user can change the settings accurately and fastly. The user can change the speed, temperature, time, brake and star the device with the help of touchscreen.

Brushless electric motor and frequency drive ensure the accurate speed of individual rotors. Automatic cut off power circuit provides protection to motors and its lid interlock does not allow the rotor to run while the cover of the device is open. Some advanced manufacturing techniques are used while manufacturing refrigerated centrifuges resulting the low level of noise and vibration. All models of this device come with 0-99 minutes digital countdown timer and Digital speed indicator which show the actual speed of the equipment. The speed of refrigerated centrifuges starts with 0 up to 100 RPM. In India there are many dealers, suppliers and exporter are present in the market which deals with this amazing device. Like this device, polygraph machine is also a very important device which is often known as lie detector machine. This machine examines the voice, heartbeats, pulses and facial expression of the subject and finds out whether he/she telling truth or lie. It is mainly used in police investigations, some government jobs also required polygraph tests like FBI or CIA. Polygraph machine contains four to six sensor, these sensors are attached to a person who is giving polygraph test. Polygraph manufacturers always put extra care while manufacturing this device as this is a very sensitive machine. One minor mistake in polygraph machine will lead a serious issue. Polygraph test includes series of questions and its star with simple questions and later the level of question become high. Throughout the question and answering, all the signal of a person who is undergoing this test is recorded on the movie paper. After that tractable examiner, examine all the signals and detect lie with high accuracy. Polygraph machine also records the arm and leg movement for more accurate result This is a large piece of device and required high maintenance. Only an expert of a polygraph machine can operate this device and it very complicated and simple at all to use. With the advanced technology, this machine now becomes more advanced and it results is also very accurate than the previous.