Chubby Hands, How to Make Nail Art? Don’t Worry.

Some girls often think their hands are more fat, it’s a good sign in traditional handistry, but too chubby is not good for nail art. We can choose suitable style for our little fat fingers. Let our hands “fat” out of their own beauty.


1. The length of nails
The length of the nail is very important, too short looks bloated rough, too long is significant. The best length is about five millimeters, that is, the twice length of their nails. Only determine the length of nails firstly can do suitable fashion nail art.

2. The shape of nails
Square round nails are more suitable for little fat hands. Square round can buffer the impact of the compare effect, elongate the length of both hands from the visual. While sharp shape will be more prominent highlights of the fingers, contrast is obvious, very garish. Therefore, when trimming a type, square shape of the forefront of the nail is better .

3. The color of nails
The choice of color of nail polish is also important. Red, black, brown such dark colors, we’d better not to choose. While pink, green, blue and other pale colors can be used. As we know to fashion nail art, not the more colors, the better, the specific use of the color depends on the color of our fingers, close to our skin color.

4. The decoration of nails
Nail decoration can make nail art more beautiful, but too much will be be counterproductive, it is not appropriate to add too much ornaments for chubby hands, a few simple bright diamond is enough, otherwise it will increase the heavy sense of nails, looks very uncomfortable.

Finally, chubby hands girls keep in mind, the current popular nail is not necessarily suitable for you, choose nail art likes choose clothes, the most important is suitable for own oneself, clean and comfortable.