Clever Solution For Broken Nail

fix broken nail

It can happen to all of us – a broken nail. It is painful and ugly, in other words: Beauty disaster, especially when you just have managed to grow long nails.

Today I will show you how to fix a broken nail, without the need of cutting it down. Take a look at the steps:

  1. First you will need a few things:

  • an instant glue;

  • nail file;

  • small piece of tissue;

  • top nail file;

  • base coat;

  • colored nail polish.

2. First, file the top layer of the nail with the top file in order to create a proper surface for the glue. This way it will stick better.

3. Then apply a little bit of the glue on and in the crack and apply the tissue immediately. Apply another layer of glue on the tissue and adjust the crack in order to become smooth and strong.

4. Now shape your nails the way you do usually.

5. Apply base coat and then cover them with colored nail polish in order to hide the crack.

6. Secure the color with a gel-ish top coat. It is stronger than the regular one.

All done! Your nails are fixed and strong now.

If you want to prevent the nails from breaking too often, you have to choose the oval nail shape – it is the most stable one. While the square nail shape breaks often, because the corners are pointy and the chance of hitting these corners is too big.

No matter which nail shape you choose to achieve, just make sure that you are grooming your nails often in order to look good and professional. No one likes ugly and cracked nails and nail polish. This one time a guy in the bus station told me that my nails are ugly and I felt awful, so make sure that doesn’t happen to you by spending enough time on maintaining beautiful nails.

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