Choosing Your Makeup Brushes

Unicorn-Inspired Brushes

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You’ll find that most sets of eyeshadow and blushes come with an applicator brush, but these aren’t as useful as a set of real high quality makeup brushes. The tiny brushes you get with most makeup wear out quickly and aren’t that great for applying the makeup. A good set of professional-grade makeup brushes are probably less expensive than you think and are a sound investment.

There are several different options to consider when trying to choose the right makeup brushes. No applicator arsenal is complete without a large brush for powdered makeups. These types of makeup brushes feature a round, thick brush with soft bristles that are designed for applying makeup evenly over the entire face.

A large powder brush should be used as a bronzer, it is sometimes confused with the similar but smaller blush brush. A blush brush is the optimal size for targeted application to specific areas of the face. If you try to use a large powder brush to apply blush you may end up with color in spots you don’t want. A good brush blush will give you both the control and coverage you need.

Most brushes are designed for applying makeup to one’s eyes. Your basic eyeshadow brush tends to have a square shape to the bristles making it perfect for applying to the eyelid and the brow.

When you want to use a variety of makeup affects on the eyes you’ll want to use an angled brush so that you can precisely apply color to the eyelid crease and the outer corners of the eyes. A brush with finer tip is great for applying either eyeliner or a thin line of eyeshadow right above the eyelashes for a stunning look.

You’ll also want to look for brushes that are made with natural fibers, these will not fall apart as easily and will be easier on the skin. Wash your makeup brushes in warm water with suds every few weeks, this will eliminate any dead skin cells or makeup residue that has built up.

You’ll also want to keep makeup brushes in a clean bag or container in an environment that is free of moisture, store them somewhere they won’t be crushed by other products. If any of the brushes in your set wear out they won’t be expensive to replace either. A good set of makeup brushes will do wonders for how you apply makeup without breaking the bank!

The secrets of a business woman


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I work in a bank and as you can probably guess I am required to keep certain company rules concerning my behavior and appearance. Luckily I use manicure as stress relief. My favorite hobbies are dancing and beach walks, manicure joined them just a few years ago, when my beautician, who up to that moment had only cleaned and shaped my nails, offered to draw on them. Until then I had only worn single color nail polish, mainly burgundy, so I was impressed by what this girl did to my nails. As I was watching her work I thought to myself, this can’t be very difficult. I decided to give it a try. It turned out not as easy as I supposed it to be. Fortunately I have the ability to write with both hands, so this made drawing my own nails a little bit easier. After a while it occurred to me that if I use materials and tools for finer figures, my nails will look much better.

Where do you get manicure ideas?

Lots of places! The best place of all is probably the internet, because it abounds with so many patterns that we can never use them all in a single lifetime. If you are a creative person and like to be original, you can come up with your own patterns. This is not as hard as it sounds, because the world around us reveals new ideas at every step, you just have to be more observant. When you look at the things around you with the perspective of manicure, you will find many things that will look good on your nails. This way you can also decorate your clothes – t-shirts, pants, etc.

How do you realize your ideas at home?

You cannot do it without the right tools. I use very thin permanent markers. They are very practical, can be found in almost every color and using them you can make very precise drawings, but you always have to use a clear top coat of polish.

What colors do you prefer?

Colors are subjective to personal preference. Aside from my own personal preference I choose the colors to use on my nails according to my outfit and the degree of formality of the event I’m preparing for. As a business woman, I can’t often afford to wear the bright vibrant colors I love so much, but I find replacements. More often than not I use a neutral color for base anyway.

What kind of manicure would you give yourself for Christmas?

My favorite Christmas details are stars and bells. Combined with glitter they help set the festive mood. Christmas tree shapes are also nice, but that’s according to me. You can find your own way to express your holiday spirit.