Super Matte Top Coat from BeautyBigBang

Hey lovelies! I just reviewed a cotton claw by BeautyBigBang a few minutes ago, and now it is time to review a matte top coat from BeautyBigBang.

Now, I did not wear the following mani for longer than 2 hours, so I cannot speak on how long this matte top coat lasts. Therefore, I’m not going to give this product a “My rating” since wear-time is a part of that rating. I just haven’t gotten into wearing matte manis, so if you guys want to know how long a mani lasts with this matte top coat, let me know in the comments below. Other than that, let’s get into the swatch and review!

*The following swatches are applied over ÜNT Ready for Takeoff and topped with Glisten & Glow Top Coat BEFORE applying the matte top coat. Chocolate Praline Layered Cake was used as the base color.

Super Matte Top Coat (SKU: 66330)

Matte Nail Polish Top Coat

Description: Use this matte top coat to turn any nail polish color to a dull flat matte finish.

Application: Smooth application, not streaky, & easy to use brush. No white specs were left behind (that’s a spec of glitter on my index nail; it wasn’t from the matte top coat).

Availability: Available now.

Drying time: 1-2 minutes.

Price: $3.59 USD

Overall thoughts: This matte top coat nail polish gives a really nice finish, and I will definitely use it for future swatches. If you’re a matte lover, I highly recommend this matte top coat.