Wholesale Wedding Shoes Could Be the Answer to Finding Your Bridesmaid Shoes

If you are getting married this summer and have yet to buy shoes for your bridesmaids then why not look into buying a box of whole sale shoes. Buying your bridesmaids shoes off the high street can end up costing you a small fortune and you may struggle to find one pair that is available in everyone’s sizes, this could mean that you need to choose a different shoe or that you need to visit different stores to collect shoes which takes up time that you need to spend finalising your wedding details.

When you purchase wholesale shoes you will be able to purchase one box which has pairs in all sizes so you can be assured that all of your bridesmaids will be wearing the same shoe and no one will look out of place in a set of heels different to the others.

Most wholesale shoes come in boxes of 12 so any pairs that you do not use for your bridesmaids could be sold on an online auction website giving someone else the opportunity to find shoes they like in the sizes they need for their bridesmaids. The shoe sizes range from a 3 to 8 with the most popular sizes having multiple pairs, so you will hopefully have enough pairs in the right sizes for your bridesmaids.

There are many different styles of shoes available for your bridesmaids, you can go for a shoe with a low heel which they should be comfortable wearing all day or you may wish to choose two pairs shoes which will look fabulous on the photographs and shoes which they will be comfortable wearing all day. Don’t ever feel limited to the shoes available in the bridal section, always be sure to take a look at all other shoes as you may just find your perfect shoe for your bridesmaids hidden amongst the sandals. Most of the standard shoes will be available in a variety of colours so finding one to suit the colour of your bridesmaid’s dresses shouldn’t be difficult, the only difficulty you may have is getting all of your bridesmaids to decide on one shoe.

If you can’t find a suitable shoe for yourself then you may want to visit a wholesale shoe website because you can always sell the other bridal shoes in the box you purchase for your own shoes. There are bridal shoes with a low kitten heel which you should be comfortable wearing all day, or you may prefer to choose a higher heel if you are used to wearing them as these may be more comfortable for you.

Many brides and bridesmaids now have two dresses one for the ceremony and one for the reception; if you are having two dresses then you may find it beneficial to have two pairs of shoes. You should look for a pair of shoes which will be comfortable for you to wear during the ceremony and wedding breakfast and then a separate pair of shoes for dancing at the reception.

You should not feel restricted to shopping in bridal stores for your shoes, you need a pair shoes which you like and which you are comfortable in so if that means shopping online, wholesale or on the high street then that is what you should do. Just make sure that you have your shoes enough time before any alterations are made so that your dress is the correct length for the shoes you will be wearing. Your shoes need to be right for you if that means wearing gladiator sandals or stiletto heels, you need to be comfortable on your special day.

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