A list of Creative Biomart’s Protein Products and Protein Manufacturing Solutions

Brief Introduction

Creative Biomart is a world leader in protein and enzymes related products and technology. Founded in 2005, which is headquartered in Shirley, New York. Creative Biomart is dedicated to the offering of high quality protein products and efficient protein manufacturing techniques, including Protein Engineering Services, Protein Extraction Services, Protein Expression and Purification Services as well as Membrane Protein Services and protein labeling etc. For recent years, Creative Biomart has become a well-recognized industry leader focusing on the supply of high quality products which can be applied in various areas by the academic institutes and biotech companies. In addition, Creative Biomart is capable to provide customized service to satisfy specific requirements in order to promote the related research in drug discovery and biomedical.

Main Products Offered:

. Recombinant Proteins

As a leading supplier in protein related products, Creative Biomart has always been devoted to offering a wide range of off-the-shelf recombinant protein products that can be applied to support the expression of the exogenous gene, thereby achieving high-level protein expression. As different protein expression systems have different features and applications., Creative BioMart provides multiple sources of recombinant proteins to meet specific requirements. Besides, we have established a Protein Expression and Purification Platform that includes more than 20 expression systems to meet your requirements. Moreover, the 100,000+ recombinant proteins we offered covers most genes, supporting multiple species and sources, most of the products are over 90% pure by SDS-PAGE.

. Native Proteins

Creative BioMart can offer a comprehensive list of the natural proteins that are in a stable formulation, retaining their entire activity and can be used for protein functional analysis, ELISA kits, Western blotting, immunoprecipitation and more.

. Cell & Tissue Lysates

Creative BioMart now offers a diverse collection of lysates, including overexpressing lysates, tissue lysates, cell line lysates and stem cell lysates, can be applied to assess antibody quality and serve as excellent positive controls for electrophoresis, immunoblotting, immunoprecipitation, enzymatic activity analysis, protein-protein interaction analysis and tissue-specific expression identification, as well as overexpression of lysates. Our lysates are validated for a variety of normal, tumor and disease-characteristic tissues.

. Assay Kits

Thousands of assay kits in a variety of formats are available, including enzyme activity, inhibitor screening, epigenetics, apoptosis, cell damage, cell proliferation and cytotoxicity, cell signaling, metabolism and other assays. These assays are useful tools for measuring enzyme activity, monitoring signaling pathway activity, detecting and quantifying cellular processes, studying gene expression changes, and screening for small molecule inhibitors. And other test kits are ready to use and provide all the necessary reagents, instructions, plates and assays to help get accurate and repeatable results promptly.

. Chromatography Reagents

With the professional technical platform and in-house experts, Creative Biomart is able to offer all the different types of chromatography, including: cross-linked agarose, cross-linked cellulose, dextran, methacrylic acid and polystyrene.

. GMP-grade Proteins

More than 100 GMP-grade proteins are offered with high quality and consistency to meet cell culture and therapeutic needs. Our GMP grade proteins are derived from the same cloning and expression systems as the research grade proteins, in order to ensure batch-to-batch consistency and high product quality, Creative BioMart places great emphasis on the details of all aspects of the manufacturing process. Our GMP grade proteins are completely free of human and animal derived ingredients and are manufactured and tested under a certified ISO 9001:2008 quality system. Strict quality control (QC) testing ensures the highest product standards. Besides, we can support small scale and large scale GMP production, formulation and filling/finishing. The production ranges from 10L to 500L satisfy the needs of clinical research to commercial production.

. Others

We are still expanding our product portfolio to include molecular and cellular biology, diagnostics and pharmacy. These high performance reagents are strict with stringent product quality assurance requirements during manufacturing and have been validated for use in routine laboratory research as well as in the therapeutic and diagnostic industries.

. Custom Service

In order to meet the special experimental needs of some researchers, Creative Biomart also provides customized assay kits and reagents to support your research and guarantee reliable results.