Creative BioMart–A Leading Global Supplier of Protein Products and Protein Services

Creative BioMart is a science driven company based in the US yet radiated worldwide. Over the past decade, Creative Biomart set off from a small manufacturer of proteins and enzymes for academic institutes and bio-tech companies, and now it has become one of the most trustworthy brands in the protein market.


Featured Products:

Based on its own advanced protein engineering and expression platform, Creative BioMart is capable to provide a wide range of high quality protein products for research and manufacturing purposes.


  1. Recombinant Proteins

Creative BioMart has been dominated for its recombinant proteins for over 15 years. The company now has more than 5,000 recombinant proteins from multiple species and sources with various tags in stock. Proteins in different fragments, full length, or with various mutations could be well satisfied. The company also welcomes custom production of recombinant proteins covering most genes according to your requirements.


  1. Native Proteins

Native proteins provided by Creative BioMart are all obtained from proper organisms, in stable formulation and natural state, capable to retain their entire functional activities, and unaltered by outer factors such as heat, enzyme reactions, chemicals, or other denaturants. Now Creative BioMart has more than 500 native proteins available for online inquiry.


  1. GMP Proteins

Creative BioMart provides more than 100 GMP-grade proteins for cell culture and therapeutic uses. GMP proteins by the company are strictly manufactured under related guidelines and tested by a certified ISO 9001:2008 quality system. The rigorous quality control (QC) tests include N-terminal sequence analysis, HPLC analysis, molecular weight determination by MS and SDS-PAGE, endotoxin, biological activity, and tests upon demands.


  1. Cell & Tissue Lysates

Creative BioMart provides an efficient collection of various lysates including cell line lysates, tissue lysates, over-expression lysates, stem cell lysates and membrane lysates. The validated lysates by the company are available in a variety of normal, tumor and disease characterized tissues, and ready for use in applications such as the controls of SDS-PAGE, IP, ELISA and Western Blot analysis.


  1. Assay Kits

You could find thousands of assay kits in various formats in Creative BioMart, whether it’s for enzyme activity, metabolism, cell signaling, inhibitor screening, or other detection. All the assay kits provided by the company are ready for use with full instructions, plates, necessary reagents, and analysis protocols to quickly obtain accurate results.


  1. Chromatography Reagents

Creative BioMart provides a variety of chromatography techniques including affinity, antibody affinity, gel filtration, hydrophobic interaction, adsorption, multimode, and other chromatography. These techniques could be applied at all scales of matrix including cross-linked cellulose, cross-linked agarose, polystyrene, methacrylic, and dextran.


Featured Services:

With a team of experienced scientists, Creative BioMart excels at a comprehensive range of protein services.


  1. Custom Protein Service

Creative BioMart features its custom protein service in a variety of protein expression platforms along with many a protein services, e.g. protein engineering, protein labeling, protein expression and purification, PEGylation, stable cell line, membrane protein and other services. Thousands of biochemical researchers benefit from these services to accelerate their scientific research or manufacturing process.


  1. Protein Analytical Services

Creative BioMart shows its expertise in providing efficient protein analytical services for researchers and manufacturers to produce high quality recombinant proteins and native proteins. The services include but not limited protein modification, protein interaction, protein characterization, membrane protein screening, bio-informatics, bio-safety testing, bio-analytical assay, and other services.


  1. Discovery and Translational Services

As a leader of protein production, Creative BioMart is professional in protein discovery and translational services including bio-marker service, cytokine and receptor analysis, epitope mapping, radioimmunoassay, transporter screening assays, GPCR screening assays, protein profiling and other assay services. With our leading technologies, Creative BioMart stands itself out in the field of protein-based lead discovery.


  1. Bio-pharmaceutical Solutions

To assist scientists in all stages of drug discovery and development, Creative BioMart provides a broad range of bio-pharmaceutical solutions, including downstream bio-pharmaceutical process and impurities analysis, processing development, cGMP cell-based potency assays, pharmaceutical stability analysis, pharmaceutical product release testing, quality control, drug discovery screening, and etc.