What are tumor markers and how important are them?

First, what is the tumor marker?

Tumor cells release certain substances, such as hormones, enzymes and antigens, which may be metabolites of tumor cells. These substances may be present in tumor cells or may be present in the body fluids of patients through the immunological properties of these substances to judge and identify the tumor. The metabolism of tumor cells is different from that of normal cells, so there will be some changes in the humoral environment of tumor patients. This change can be judged by detecting tumor markers. In clinical practice, the role of tumor markers is mainly to discover primary tumors. At the same time, it is possible to screen the high-risk population of tumor, and also to judge the therapeutic effect of the tumor and the prediction of the later treatment stage.

Second, does the tumor marker elevated mean cancer present?

It is not necessarily. Although the tumor marker is a metabolite produced by tumor cells, it does not mean that normal cells won’t. Some studies have found that healthy tissues and cells may also produce tumor markers, so it is actually not 100 percent for sure to check tumor by tumor markers.

Moreover, not every tumor patient has obvious tumor markers, so this method can only be used as a reference of the results. If one wants to confirm the diagnosis, you need to go through various inspections before you can determine it.

Third, the significance of tumor markers

  1. Auxiliary support

Tumor markers can be used to assist in the examination of tumors, and for some special cancers, the reference value is relatively high. If there is a problem with the tumor markers, further confirmation by biopsy is needed.

  1. 2.Develop a treatment plan

Cancer patients often need to perform a tumor marker test before making a production plan. This test can reflect the symptoms of the disease and help the doctor to develop a treatment plan.

  1. 3.Monitor the treatment effect

Tumor markers can be used to judge the symptoms during treatment and the therapeutic effect over a period of time. If the tumor markers do not change, in most cases, it means the therapeutic effect is not significant.

  1. 4. Check the recurrence

Tumor markers can also be used to examine tumor recurrence, which can be used as a basis test.

The maximum value of tumor markers should be in their fluctuations. If they fluctuate frequently within a short period of time, attentions should be paid to.

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The knowledge of metastasis, proliferative signaling, metabolism, inflammation, apoptosis is the focus of research. Hence, the identification of tumor markers using antibodies is widely used in cancer diagnostics and research. Tumor markers are proteins or antigens which are used to detect elevated in the body due to the presence of cancer. Elevated quantities of tumor markers in the blood, urine, stool, tumor tissue for cancer diagnosis and prognostic evaluation can be detected by the tumor marker-specific antibodies.

Discovering and detecting cancer cell signaling pathways and the cellular process will help us to find a link between its genotype and phenotype.