Second hand Bentley car models available in India



Bentley is a quintessential British luxury car company that has captured the heart of its fans all over the globe. The major USP of the cars rolled out by this company is the high level of comfort it provides along with unique design and a large amount of customization that make it an exclusive product in addition to superb technical benchmark these models from Bentley conform to make them second to none at this price range. As these cars come with hefty price tags, it is not possible for everyone to acquire one of these beauties, but if you are willing to go in for second hand cars, then the cost becomes more manageable (still pretty high for majority of car buyers). However, if you are willing to take the plunge in buying a second hand Bentley car, we advise you to go through the paperwork of the car with a fine tooth comb, check the car thoroughly and try to get a better bargain. We have collated a list of different models of second hand Bentley models in the market with their features and price to help you get the best possible deal.
1). Bentley Arnage R: This beautiful luxury sedan is an example of fine British craftsmanship and amazing technical features that make it such a marvel on the streets. The Arnage model of Bentley is also known as the last true model of Bentley before Bentley was hived off from Rolls Royce Brand to a separate company. This smooth looking sedan has an overall length of 5390 mm and a wheelbase of 3116 mm. Its hand crafted body houses twin round shaped heal lamp cluster on either sides of its chrome meshed engine grill. Stepping inside you will be reminded of true British hospitality that combines both tradition as well as modernity. The interior of this car is extensively furnished with premium materials and features wooden inlays on its dashboard as well as the door panel. You will also find hand stitched high quality leather and numerous chrome inserts that adds to the stateliness of this car. All the seats are electrically controlled and the front seats additionally gets the heating feature. This superb model from Bentley is powered by a massive 6.75 litres turbocharged engine that is capable of producing a huge power of 406 PS @ 4100 rpm resulting in a torque of 89 Kgm @1800 rpm. This torque is transmitted to all the four wheels of this car by a sophisticated automatic transmission gearbox.  The car is also blessed with four independent suspension system that allows the riders to have a smooth ride even over bumpy tracks. For a comfortable ride, this luxury sedan has several features that include a well laid out dashboard with both digital as well as analogue meters, a neat looking navigational screen that when not in use fits snugly inside the dashboard, a high powered music system with CD changer, two foldable trays for the rear passengers and several more. Laden with innumerable safety features to keep the riders safe, this amazing looking sedan is available for a price tag of Rs. 1.50 crore in the second hand car market.