Bhim app for windows and windows phone

Are you trying to access BHIM app’s state of the art banking features on your Windows PC or phone? It can come as a problem that BHIM app is currently officially not available for any platform other than  Android. But You can be sure there’s a way to run it on Windows OS nonetheless. Curious? Read on to find out!

First, Why get BHIM app?

BHIM app can be installed on your device to enable your device to provide a plethora of banking services. Here is a short list of what you can do with BHIM app, after which we move to the installation procedure.

1) BHIM can let you pay or get paid on your mobile device, without need for plastic money, hard cash or checks.

2) Exchange money using Aadhaar card numbers, using UID identification.

3) Pay using Bank Account Number and IFSC code.

4) Make transactions safer through modern measures like QR code scanning, app passcodes etc.

To add to this, BHIM is completely free to use, though some banks might charge a nominal UPI fee.

bhim app download

Getting BHIM for Android devices:

Since BHIM App for Android, you can get it directly through Play Store. Simply go to the Play Store and login using your gmail account if you haven’t already. Look up BHIM UPI app, and install it.

You will have to activate it using your phone number that is registered with your bank account. Set a passcode, and don’t share it with anyone under any circumstances. You should be able to select your bank and have the information fetched automatically to your device. No need to have complex logins.

How to install BHIM app for Windows PC:

The standard way to load Android Apps to Windows PCs is to use Android Emulator Software. This is generally safe and you can get several good Emulators like BlueStacks or Andy online for free, right from their official websites.

Please note that using BHIM through any way other than through an Android device is not recommended. BHIM for iOS devices should be out soon too. Using BHIM app on an Android emulator might not get you the best experience, despite the app’s amazing security infrastructure. But if you’re desperate to access BHIM on Windows PC and Mac, you may proceed using the method mentioned below, but at your own risk.

Here’s what you need to do to run BHIM app on Windows PC or Mac:

1) Download BHIM UPI app’s apk file from the internet. If you cannot find it, ask a friend to install the app on their Android device, back it up using a standard file manager app and send over the file to you via Bluetooth or SHAREit. This is optional however, as I tell in the fourth step.

2) Download an Android Emulator to your device. I personally don’t recommend using an online emulator for using BHIM, because of the threat of malware that can be a danger to you especially since you’re using your personal information. If you choose to, please use a proper antivirus, and consider using security measures like of-screen keypads.

3) Install the emulator to your device. Login into it using a gmail account, to activate Google’s services, including the Play Store.

4) Now you can get the BHIM app using the apk file you downloaded; simply right click it and open the apk file with the emulator application. Otherwise, you can search for BHIM UPI app on the Play Store and install it directly.

5) Your app is now ready. Set it up like I mention in the Android steps.

Can you get BHIM app for Windows Phone?

So far, there is no way to get BHIM on Windows Phones. The problem is that there are no good Android emulators for Windows phones. You will have to wait till BHIM app makes its way to the Windows Store. Till then, the USSD code for BHIM, *99# can serve your purpose. It is just as easy!