Biofinger Kontrola Dostępu

Biofinger Kontrola Dostępu

Advantages Of Building Security Automation

In recent years, technology has become more integral in people’s lives, thanks to it many of the daily functions are much simpler but also safer. Continue reading more about Kontrola Dostępu system benefits in building security. In the case of building security automation involves simplifying a series of processes that benefit from security, saving money and time.

Perhaps one of the most important functions is to achieve a control in the entrance and exit of people. Usually, the buildings have a main module of control of attendance; these have the capacity to generate the registration of the people through a proximity card, fingerprint or a numerical key, also allows leaving a photographic record of who enters. Read this article for Systemy kontroli dostępu solution

In the different areas of intelligent, buildings especially in the doors, are external readers that have their own IP address, allowing them to connect to any network and integrate into the main module, so there will be total control over access to the Different areas of the building by staff and visitors.

By automating the building security, you can block or allow access to certain places, creating a safe environment and reducing the chances of being the victims of theft and other criminal acts. Depending on the characteristics of the building and the security needs of the companies that are located in it, you can opt for several alternatives to control access:

1) Proximity cards

People are often familiar with them because they are used in public transport systems such as Transmilenio. They are very useful because they can be customized, and it is one of the best tools to control access or blocking areas of the building.

2) Biometric systems

This system uses the physiological characteristics of each person so that it is identified and allowed access. The fingerprint reader is the most well-known form of biometric control, however, the iris, retina and hand geometry are also used for this purpose. Of course, using these systems ensures that there is no staffing and there is a more precise control of each of the people who enter the building, and also enter into different areas of the same, there will be no more worries about straying Your ID.

3) Password

Another good option is to assign a numeric key for each person who enters the building constantly. It is a safe way to control the incoming. Depending on the security required by the building, it is sometimes necessary to mix the access control options, for example, the proximity card and the access code are used simultaneously.

It may also happen that in some areas of the building a method is used such as biometric systems, in others proximity cards or password option, this is something that will be established between those in charge of the security of the place and the advisers of the Company in charge of installing the systems.

Remember to look for specialized and qualified personnel when it comes to automating your spaces, do not put the security of your material goods and the people who depend on you in inexperienced hands.

Biofinger Kontrola dostępu

Biofinger offers you a complete portfolio for the intelligent management of your Accesses according to your needs. We offer solutions for a complete administration of your Accesses, we advise you to obtain a system that covers all your needs.

If you are interested in implementing Kontrola dostępu solution, come to us, and we will be happy to advise you so that your investment can be maximized with the best results.


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