Enjoy the Best features of Project management Software

Project management software is a flexible tool that helps you keep your project organized. It makes sure that irrespective of the location, the entire team working on certain project stays connected.

One of the most crucial guiding principles that would lead to a successful project is the management of the task. That is why, when you are handling a team for a particular project, you need to make sure you are using free project management software. This will make all those tasks simpler, and you will also stay updated with the necessary changes. However, if you are running project that is more complex and a huge team is involved in it, you need not worry, since this tool is designed specially in a way to keep your team managed and organized, it shall not be a problem for you. Rather it will help your team to manage the task in much better way.

What is task management software?

Task management tool which is also called as the project management software is not just limited to a scope of things to do list. Rather, it involves a lot much process which would help you follow a task suiting the lifecycle. Whether it is tracing, testing or even reporting, this type of tool is the most incredible solution one can choose. The software is loaded with incredible features and tool which are basically designed to match up with the unique demand of the project need. If you are planning to opt for the best Free Online Project Management Software then searching for it shall not be a problem since there are so many of them available. But before that, make yourself aware about the project solutions.

Create the list of the task:

It is important to make sure that you create a task list that would help you know which all things are coming up next and are expected to be completed in this week itself. This task list will ease down your burden of remembering things. Besides, it works as a gentle reminder for you each day if the desired task is not completed within the decided time of span.

Prioritize things:

Once you create the list, the next thing that you need to focus is prioritizing them all. Some might be on high priority while some may require immediate attention where there are so many others which can wait as well. It is important to understand which task needs to be done on urgent basis while which could be the possible options that can wait. The focus of such feature is to allow you manage the time more efficiently.

Collaborate them all:

This is another thing you need to do once you prioritize the task. While managing the team,. Make a point that you communicate with them strangle. You are going to assign them the task so make sure the software that you are using is online, accessible and can be collaborative enough. This means when you enter the details of the project, the team members in that a particular project needs to get an update about the same. You don’t have to keep everyone in the loop as the tool automatically informs the team about the same.

Other than this, status, calendar, and estimation re some other features that may add bliss to managing your project so make sure you utilize them all pretty well and get fruitful results.

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Why your company needs to buy a project management software right now!

Project management has become a fundamental aspect for many companies that seek to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of their projects; especially when they grow and so do their projects. For this, many resort to the implementation of a software of administration of projects; it is a very useful tool that can help project managers to do their work more efficiently.

Advantages of a project management software

Considering the tools available in most project management programs, we can highlight a series of advantages reported by the use of this type of solution:

Improvement of collaboration among team members. Most CaseCamp project management programs offer communication tools that allow the team to be in constant contact, regardless of their location. This facilitates the transfer of information, makes it possible to detect and solve problems more quickly, and facilitates everyone to work more closely together.

Improve file and document sharing. All projects require and generate a large amount of documentation; so keeping it updated, organized and ensuring its correct distribution becomes a problem for many project managers. Many of the existing project management programs include tools to store and share this documentation.

Improve the management of project costs. Cost control is one of the most important benefits of project management, but also the most complicated to achieve. For this we need to have a starting budget, and updated and frequent information of the costs that are being generated, which can be facilitated with the appropriate tools.

Generate reports and forecasts. A feature of Best Free Online Project Management Software is its ability to sort and process information, which allows us to automatically generate tracking reports. In many cases, these can calculate and include predictive metrics that anticipate the final situation of the project based on the current performance and situation.

Technology with reduced maintenance. When managing complex projects with many mobile elements, technology that is characterized by being simple, functional and easy to maintain is essential. Access the benefits of company-level functions without relying on overly complicated installations or paying exclusively for the new versions that offer you the functions you want.

Flexibility:  The type of platform used by each member of your team (Windows, Mac or Linux) is not relevant, as the only thing that a cloud application needs is an Internet connection and a web browser. Tasks are carried out faster when each team member works in the environment where they are most comfortable.

Speed: With the project management software you will start working at lightning speed: you simply register on the company’s website to do the instantaneous installation and access your new tool. And when they launch new features or security updates, they are available immediately. You will not have to wait months to get version 2.0 or pay extra money to update your current application package.

Integrated tools: Most likely, your new project management application will be integrated with other tools that you already know and use. Apart from the added advantages and ease of adoption, your team will work more efficiently when all your tools work together and are accessible from the same point.


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Essential characteristics of an online project management software

Project management software and internal and external collaboration tools are everywhere. Free or paid, simple or complex, the offer is endless. These software can greatly help improve communication and work pace, as long as you know what you need. The wide variety of options, in fact, can confuse you, but do not stress, let this blog guide you to choose the most appropriate.

Next we are going to focus on a series of “must” that a Best Free Online Project Management Software must have to be really effective in teamwork.


Planning is everything. It helps you to have an overview, avoid misunderstandings and delegate tasks. To be sure that everyone knows what their jobs and responsibilities are, these characteristics are going to be crucial:

Tasks should be easy to create and clearly defined in planning. In addition, you have to be able to add new ones, change them, delete them or assign jobs to other partners in just a few clicks.

A shared team calendar offers transparency and favors the group’s work.

It is also very useful to be able to evaluate the urgency of each project and add deadlines. However, not all tools have automatic notifications. Also, assigning priorities can help you distinguish the most important projects and order them correctly and in a structured way.

Cooperation and communication

Employees often depend on the work of others to complete theirs. For this reason, a fluid communication and a good organization are key. In other words, managing all data with a single tool and in a centralized place has positive effects on internal collaboration and communication with customers. All the information about the project must be stored in a single place, with the tasks planned and performed, the client’s data, the resources used and their costs, and even the invoices sent. This extensive overview will also help to make a detailed report.

Measure and analyze

To plan your projects successfully, you need to be perfectly informed about all the problems that might arise. If you use a tool that provides reports and statistics, you can quickly know the business risks without having to analyze the parameters manually.

Budget and resource management

The larger the project, the more difficult it is to manage the resources. Some project planning software offer specific applications to manage resources. These functions can offer you a global view of the reserved meeting rooms, the resources planned and used and the cost of all this. This way, you will also avoid unnecessary expenses and scarcity of resources.

What software should you choose?

If your SME is focused on a series of clear and defined jobs, Free Project Management Software can surely help you a season. The problem is that often these tools are not scalable, if the number of users increases, you will have to change it for a paid subscription or you will be using a very limited interface that you can only expand paying for any function you want to use.


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Different elements of project management software

Some of the elements of project management software

  • Budget management – Budget management plays a major role for people to grow in the market, as it directly affects the revenue from time to time. The Best Free Online Project Management Software has been highly effective in providing a user-friendly interface, which helps people to manage their budgets based on the requirement from time to time.
  • Calendar system – It is necessary to be up to date concerning the progress of the task, as it helps you effectively deliver the project. The calendar system has been one of the most used options in the software, as it helps them to manage the time in order to complete the project in an effective way.
  • Employee tracking – Employee tracking plays a crucial role in every project and the company, as it is necessary to track the employees and their performance in an effective way. Employee tracking helps you to fix issues related to revenue, time and the workforce from time to time. It is widely recommended for people to ensure a disciplinary measure to manage the workforce by tracking employees in the casecamp project management tool from time to time.
  • Creation of teams and groups – As there will be a lot of people working on a particular project on a regular basis, it is necessary for people to create various groups in order to communicate in an easy way. It is easier for people to crate different groups with multiple users from time to time, which could help people to clarify their queries and to work in an effective way.
  • Document management – Document management is one of the important elements in the project management software, as it helps people to protect their document in an effective way. It is widely recommended for people to manage their documents related to the project from time to time, as it helps you maintain the security of the project without compromising on the quality of the project effectively.
  • Analytics – The analytics is more like the output, which needs to be calculated based on the performance of the employee in an effective way. A proper analytics with timely update helps people to work on their performance and grow in the industry from time to time.


There are various elements involved in project management software, as it requires to make the job easier from time to time. It is necessary for every individual to work on the project with the help of convenient tools, as it helps them to make the job more comfortable with the help of various options in an effective way. It is necessary for every software developer to make a software, which can be used by multiple people to work on the software and to generate reports from time to time.


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CaseCamp is a Straightforward and Simple Project Management Software

It is a straightforward and simple project management software which has attractive features and capabilities.  We need to keep our team and project members in a single and unified location. As we know, the platform has a clutter less and neat user interface that allows us smooth navigation and access to information as well as fast and seamless communication with our teams.


CaseCamp is Used by  many international organizations and brands such as NDTV, Ericsson and Wedding.com makes it easy for us to control our budget and track our expenses, create daily schedules and assign tasks for our team members as well as set doable deadlines with milestones, monitor activities, and make reports from real-time information to create high quality and actionable activities.


There are huge benefits for using CaseCamp, among them I am going to discuss some benefits, these are:

  • Our teams and Project managers need to be on the same page if the goal is to complete and work projects without creating any friction. It is known as a robust project management tool that provides us with the functionalities and tools that we need to work on various projects.
  • It comes with traditional project management tools as like as other functional tools to-do list that can keep us updated on tasks and it needs to be completed and carried out the degree of priority and urgency associated with every task. We know, Gantt Chart analysis is a capability which provides many project management systems.


  • Expenses and budget should go together when it is available for accomplishing and managing projects. With this system, project managers can easily create workable budgets and implement them without any effort. All types of expenses are monitored closely to define that expenditures that can be easily audited and all expenses are within our set budget. These activities enable team managers and project members to complete our projects within our financial limits. Best Free Online Project Management Software also provides us these opportunities.

It simplifies the managers to create schedules for our employees and assign tasks to the qualified worker. We can monitor absences, Leaves and hours worked are easily tracked, which allows senior managers to set and view schedules that work for all types of people. Time tracking system keeps us honest and empowered. We can see how each stuff spends her or his time. It encourages accountability and pushing workers to become more engaged and productive.

Attractive Features

  • Gantt Chart Analysis
  • Todo List
  • Budget Management
  • Ticketing system
  • Employee Tracking
  • Time Management
  • Calendar
  • Code or Github Integration
  • Create Teams/Groups
  • Document Management
  • IOS App Tracking and Android App Tracking

Pricing Plans:

It offers 2 enterprise pricing options for potential users to consider. We can select the most suitable option for our business, these are:

  • Portfolio Overview
  • Project Planning
  • Project and Phase Planning
  • Project Budgets
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Project Status Tracking
  • Custom Project Fields
  • High-Level Tasks & Notes
  • Resource Planning
  • Budget Status Reports
  • 50 GB or Unlimited space
  • Expense Reports

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The various reasons behind using the free online project management software

Project management software supports in dealing with perplex and multiple projects simultaneously, regardless of industry concerned. Today this software is a significant approach, for any organization to advance mechanism, which shows their efficiency while carrying out projects throughout the globe.

What is Project management software and Reasons for using it?

It is an online mechanism that supports team to cooperate and manage work.

Availing this software will positively augment the performance, as it renders real- time workspaces which aid team members to keep an eye on every detail, by rendering an overview of multiple projects at the same time and also about the daily work being done to take the projects ahead. By its systematic approach, you can manage precious time effectively.

You can avail free online project management software when you wish upgrading and flourishing your dream business. Taking assistance from free online project management software proves to be beneficial primarily to beginners, because it helps you in taking final decision whether this software is perfect for your relevant work,  your team member and ultimately for you or not.

The Best Free Online Project Management Software renders visibility and clarity into each and every team member’s assignment list, which assists manager to examine which colleague has heavy work load and who has meagre workload. Also this software bestows storage space, where team members can upload files into given workspace, where every member in team can perceive and consider them, which renders flexibility to overall workflow.

Advantages of free online project management software

  • Real-time and centralized interaction– This free version software offers communication and collaboration tools, for instance hipchat, Google docs and much more. Such communication tools support team members in discussing variant concerns in real- time. By addressing and resolving troubles of each individual, you can keep each team member up to date.
  • Instant document sharing– This software permits individuals to share documents instantly, edit and update status of reports, thus saving their precious time.
  • Manage project costs– Managing overall expense is one of the crucial quality of this software, because by availing this software you need to do no or meagre paper work., because it uses mechanisms such as billing and expense tools which supports in managing overall expense efficiently.
  • Pursue given deadline perfectly– By availing systematic approach of this software you can meet deadline of multiple projects efficiently.

This software has everything which guarantees to get work done on time. For instance it has prioritized to- do list, crucial assets, important notes from other colleagues and a calendar of deadlines.

Disadvantages of using free online project management software:-

  • This software allows managing only one or two projects with limited space.
  • Also you are not going to avail certain advanced features like proofing and approval tools in this free version.
  • Restricted number of persons can use this software.
  • Number of free version software available is limited.

We have discussed about the advantages as well as the loopholes of the free online project management software above. Now, it’s up to you that how you can utilize this software to gain the optimum benefits.

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Get your work done faster with CaseCamp

If you want to execute your project successfully and without any drawbacks the main requirement will be a work environment that will encourage participation of all unified as a team and a combined team effort to achieve the ultimate goal of your business. CaseCamp’s online project management software will provide you with substantial transparency, communication between the different teams that are working towards the same goal and an efficient project management.

Get the benefits of reduced work chaos

Of all the problems you need to face, you definitely do not want a chaotic workplace. Chaos at work can be easily avoided with the perfect communication between the teams. CaseCamp is the Best Free Online Project Management Software which will help keep all the people on the same page and thus promoting good communication between each other. No matter how much the workflow is, you will always stay connected and there will be no room for frustrations. The software is so simple that it will guide you towards a more well-organized business and shape up your practices to enable you to achieve your goal. You will be able to organize everything that you need in a single space.

Improve your planning efficiency

Now improve your efficiency in planning your work and execute it perfectly with Casecamp. Now your task management, sharing of files and scheduling of events will become easier than ever before with this online software. Tasks are very important and should always be done on time. But it is impossible for one person to remember everything. So this software will do that work for you and you will always know which work has to be completed by when and who was assigned for that particular work. It will provide you with project management tools that will guide in your path towards your goal and can solve even complex work issues.

Keep a track on the progression of your project

For proper completion of your project you need to plan it properly and keep a track on it progression. This online project management software will help you in allocating a specific time to the various tasks and keep you informed about its progression. It is no doubt the Best Online Project Management Software which will make it easy for you to record the time in which the projects have to be completed. You can even share calendars which will have the tasks enlisted in them to give a reminder to all the teams about submission of their work on time. So many teams working together on a tight deadline is definitely not easy to manage but with this software your problem will be resolved.

Experience a methodical task management

With this software, you will get a secure workspace online where you can collaborate with various people and assign them with their respective tasks and at the same time keep a track of when a project has to be submitted. You can further divide your workspace into several teams that are working and keep each one of those workspaces confidential so that the work remains between the members of the team that are concerned. This efficiency proves that it is indeed the Best Free Online Project Management Software.

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The dawn of project management software!


Competition is one word that every career goal has to face, and the more we work upon it, the harder it grows. With the rapid growth of industries and endless hours of sweating sleepless nights put together, there comes a necessity of managing them all in the most convenient way possible. Every rising start-up and business rendition has the need of arranging their daily targets and projects in order to keep things going stably.

In the ever enriching field of internets and Wi-Fi’s, the last thing you need to worry about is how to make the tabulations easier to carry forward! There are several companies who have taken up the responsibility to take this one big load off of our hands with online project managing software. We can get hold of different kinds of them, but we need to choose from the best free online project management software.

What to look for?

The urgency of project management software has raised from the high rise of work pressure and a deficient time cover. No single person has the chance to look back at the day’s job which is done with plenty more pending for the upcoming morning. We need somebody or something to keep a tab on the whereabouts of the little things as well as the big ones. As it is clear that it is very hard for one normally talented human being to be able to handle too much work load that requires analytics and tabulations in a lump sum, we have to search for something smart, quick, and user-friendly, so that we do not end up wasting more hours on it in the process of gaining assistance.

Here’s what you get

Every project includes targets, meetings, tabs and charts, analytics, and the collaboration of other team members to finish it successfully on time and within the financial budget as well. Casecamp is among one of the best free online project management software and it has already been on field for long enough to prove its worth. You get substantial spaces for charts and tabulations of work hours, location of an employee, targets fulfilled, tasks yet to complete, everything designed and arranged in a way that is convenient for the user to comprehend. All project managing software are designed with an employee-friendly interface, which will just add a cherry on the cake, and not be another burden!

Added perks

Online software not only let you work from everywhere on earth, but it also helps you log in from different devices so that your workspace is secure and intangible. There are rising firms which are looking into the duties of project management and joining hands to help you work your way through the climb. You can mark your completed tasks, calculate your budget, calculate work hours for each member of a particular project team, and communicate with them through every step you walk forward.

It is needless to say that project management is an uncomfortable task, and that is the reason why you have to have faith on the man-made creations that offer nothing but more comfort, and also help you work smarter, think bigger, and sleep better!

Author Bio: The writer is an expert in the field of Free Project Management Software. For more information visit here Best Free Online Project Management Software.

Enhancing a Business with the Best Online Project Management Software

Dreaming of a successful business is great but making it successful in real life is hard. It not only requires a lot of struggle but also demand a hefty amount of engagement. To make a business successful, lots of background process like understanding the present market scenario, planning, auditing and lots more. However, in present days, these things can be done pretty easily using the Best Online Project Management Software from Casecamp. Keep on reading to know how this simple tool can help your business without even putting any strain on your brain.

When, it comes to making a business successful, the first thing that an entrepreneur needs to know the present market condition. Then, there comes the planning part. A blooming businessman needs to plan his or her proceedings for making it successful. Now, how can a businessperson take these steps all on his own from scratch! The simple answer is by having a Best Online Project Management Tool; that can judge the present market scenario, guide an entrepreneur to take necessary steps and identify the optimum path of production to make the business successful.

From making a salon famous over the internet to make a car launch, everything can be determined and executed in a proper way using the Project Management Software from Casecamp. There is management software that provides excellent service, but the thing that makes the Casecamp free tolls the best is the pocket-friendly cost, simple yet gorgeous user interface and lots of free services.

Anyone who wants to make his business a grand success needs to have a good and authenticate service provider who facilitates a businessperson with all the essential details to make the business successful. Best Free Online Project Management Software from Casecamp is designed in such a way that it can serve its purpose the best and make a grand business success.