Why You Need to Contact a Lawyer Immediately in case of Assault Charges ?

Why You Need to Contact a Lawyer Immediately in case of Assault Charges ?

Nowadays higher number of assault cases is being lodged than ever before. The laws are stringent, and if you are proven guilty, the sentence can be very severe. If you want it to avoid such severe punishments, then it is vital to be aware of what to do right from the get go. The first and the most important thing that you should do is to hire a well-established lawyer who has a high success rate in such cases. Before taking any action, it is best to take the advice of an attorney.

Assault Lawyer

David Genis is one such lawyer who has made a name for himself in cases relating to assault both, domestic and sexual. His statistics in such situations are second to none in the Toronto region. His experience means that he has handled and won many similar cases. In this article, we will discuss the nature of domestic assault cases as well as sexual assault cases.

Domestic Assault

Ever since the zero tolerance policy has been introduced by the police there has been a steep rise in domestic assault cases. The situation has become such that it is less problematic if you attack a person who you don’t know than to assault someone in your house. Once charges are pressed against you for domestic assault because of a complaint, then there is no turning back. In such a situation you will have to fight against the state in the court of law.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is a highly serious issue in the eye of the law. The punishments are strict and swift. It is for this reason that you need an excellent lawyer with you right from the beginning. You should not make any statements or plead guilty without consulting your lawyer first. From there on you should only take actions as per your attorney’s advice.

It is for this reason an expert lawyer who has specialized in such cases need to be consulted in situations like this. One wrong step and you could be in for a lot of trouble in these type of cases. David Genis has become a renowned lawyer in this kind of legal issues. He has helped bring justice to many of his clients with his sharp mindedness and in depth knowledge of the law. It is for this reason that he is often spoken highly among the Toronto criminal lawyers. It is not just the cases that he has won which makes him unique but also the way he won them.

Assault cases are not a thing that you should be taking lightly. You should be very careful of the kind of lawyer that you hire to defend you. One mistake on your part or on the part of your attorney can prove to be very decisive. It is therefore important to choose the right lawyer who has the right attitude as well as the expertise to help you prove your innocence.There is no better man than David Genis.

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