Why Should Storage Companies Emphasize On Customer Service Over The Phone

Why Should Storage Companies Emphasize On Customer Service Over The Phone

In 2017, there are so many different ways to contact someone that it is normal to forget the importance of phones to business. While many consumers are stakeholders like to interact via social media, nothing beats the role of customer service on the phone in case of storage companies. Most businesses perceive that the future of their marketing activities is on the web only. However, they are entirely wrong as recent statistics depict that 75% of all the people in the world own a cell phone. Hence, there is an increasing need to emphasize more on customer service over the phone.

People Who Call Have An Urgent Problem To Solve

It is widely noticed that people who are interested in telephonic conversation have a critical issue at hand. Hence, it is best if you offer customer service on the phone. On the other hand, talking with customers directly over the phone helps to solve their problem and identify other issues that may affect other customers too. The widespread use of cell phones and the increasing share of smartphones have enabled individuals to use a click-to-call feature and search for phone numbers in advertisements displayed in websites. According to Google, 48% of the local mobile searches ended with a call. Not everyone has their presence on the internet. It may seem that the world is revolving around social media platforms; it is also worth remembering that not everyone is online. Hence, a storage company should not ignore offline communications. In this manner, they can emphasize on the practicality of their business.

Your Consumers Prefer Verbal Interaction With Your Business

Human beings are still not adept at solving problems via web and tutorial videos. Communication over the phone is the fastest way to provide excellent customer service. As per Google, 61% of mobile searchers describe call as an essential part of the buying process. A majority of businesses term inbound phone calls as great leads. It is a widely accepted fact that a majority of customers would seek for other brands if they do not see the phone number of the name in the advertisements. Hence, make sure that the phone numbers are visible in the ad. Naturally, individuals tend to contact businesses directly to obtain the information they have not got on the site. A phone line shows you in a solid frame. By interacting with the person on the other end, the customer is able to perceive a live person was talking. Personal level interaction is crucial to storage units.

It is worth noting that complex problems are far more comfortable to solve over the phone when compared to online interaction. It also depicts that you have the time to care for your customers. It also encourages positive growth. Customer service over phone amplifies positive word of mouth. Even in this world of social media, telephones are the ideal devices to communicate with your clients. With the rapid surge of smartphones, customer service on the phone is always a viable prospect.

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