What Are The Common Questions To Ask Your Perfect Roommate

What Are The Common Questions To Ask Your Perfect Roommate

Cleanliness is a big factor when living with your roommate. It is often the biggest source of conflict if your roommate does not maintain it. Also, try to know how often they prefer to clean the o room and try to be specific about which chores they are comfortable in. With honesty, you should talk everything in details to keep away from problems of home cleanliness. Other than this, you should ask other questions as well.

What Are The Activities To Engage In During Weekends?

By this question, you will be able to know about any shared interest of the person. According, it will be easy for you to plan during weekends. When you ask such as a question, you will  get to know whether the person is into any personal activities or not. This will help you to make your weekends plans properly. Even if the other person is planning to invite some friends, depending on your comfort level, you can either join them or prefer going out with your friends.

Even if your roommate’s friends come over to any get-together or party, make sure whether they are coming often or rarely. Also, try to know that your place will be turned into a party center or not. This will help you to plan your own outings. The other person should not try to plan the parties at the cost of your comfort.

Does The Person Have An Addiction Or Not?

It can be a big deal to live with a smoker. Even if the person is an occasional smoker, try to know how often they smoke. If smoking is not allowed indoors, detail the person about it and notice his or her reaction. Such things are often mentioned in the housing agreement when the person is not allowed to smoke inside the house.

Do They Still Have Contact With Old Roommates?

Before finalizing on the roommate, try to know whether the person is still in contact with his old roommate or not. If the person tells you several conflict stories, it cannot happen that the person was not faulty of the problems. In this relation, you can look for Mate.ae Roommate needed Dubai to get the roommate of your choice.

However,if you are a light sleeper who prefers going to bed early, try to know the time when your roommate prefers going to bed. When both of you stay awake for long during the night, it should not be a big deal for any of you. In addition, also try to find out about any late night habits of your roommate. Thus, answers to these questions will help you to find the perfect match as your roommate.

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