What Are The Most Important Things That You Need To Look For While Buying A Harmonica

What Are The Most Important Things That You Need To Look For While Buying A Harmonica

The most important traits of a harmonica remain in the quality of the materials which are beings used for manufacturing it. It is essential that you choose a harmonica whose parts can be replaced. But, since harmonicas are played with the mouth, never ever buy a used harmonica because that will be an unclean choice. Moreover, harmonicas are quite inexpensive being compared to the other varieties of musical instruments that are available today. If you visit a musical store, you will find a wide range of harmonica which has different usability and also comes in a wide range of price.

The most common forms of harmonica are the diatonic harmonica which comes with 12 holes on which all the major notes of a certain scale can be played easily. But, the notes can also be altered by using certain techniques such as bending, blow in (inhale) and blow out (exhale). And another variety of harmonica that is being widely used by the musicians is the chromatic harmonicas that come with a side button. The side button can be used for lowering down the whole chromatic scale to one step down. There are other varieties of harmonicas that are available, but they are not much common among the musicians because they are primarily used for special effects and bringing out some peculiar tunes in a song. But, regardless of the variety of harmonica you are choosing, there are a few common factors which will play a vital role while choosing a harmonica. So, let us have a look at some of the most important things that one should look for while choosing a harmonica.

  • The Material Of The Comb

The most important part of a harmonica is the comb which contains the air chambers that are used for covering the reeds. The covering is a laid out in the patter of a comb which remains the reason behind its name. Some of the most common material that is used for making the comb is wood, which has a warmer sound and used by artists such as Bob Dylan. Plastic is the most common comb material which is inexpensive as well as easy to maintain. Metal, i.e., stainless steel is the most expensive comb material and are used in the high-end harmonicas.

  • The Music Genre You Would Be Playing

Since different harmonicas have different sounds, so it will matter a lot. If you are a classical or jazz musician, chromatic harmonicas are a perfect choice. And if you are a blues musician, than diatonic harmonica would be a perfect choice. Click here to buy the best harmonica for all musical genres.

Buying a harmonica is a tough choice, but it can be made easy if you know what exactly you are looking for.

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