Do You Know All The Basic Rules Of American Football

Do You Know All The Basic Rules Of American Football

American Footballis now one of the most exciting sports that exist today. American Football is a mixture of movement and speed, and heavy physical contact is one of the most primary aspects of this sport. After the summer Olympics and FIFA, American Football world cup is the most watched sports all over the world. Even though the whole world calls American Football, but the Americans prefer calling it Football. The 2003 American Football world cup attract an audience of more than 3.5 billion from all over the world and was broadcasted in more than 205 different countries.

But, despite being such a popular game, many people are unaware of the basic rules and regulation of American Football for which they fail to understand the game. So, to help you understand the game better, we have listed a few of the basic rules and regulations of the game which you should know.

A Guide To American Football

Even though the American Football ball is almost similar to the size of a football, but the shape of American Football is much different than a football. But there has been a slight difference in the American Football ball such as in the earlier versions of a American Football ball, and there used to be a lace which is now missing in the modern American Football balls. And coming to the equipment that is required in the game, one needs a soft padded headgear for protecting their head against impacts which are known as scrum cap. The scrum caps looks much like the earlier leather helmets which were used in the American football.

The game is played on a grass field which is known as the pitch and is 100 meters longs and 70 meters wide. The pitch has upright on both of its end which is known as the goal area which is around 10 meters deep and has a depth of 22 meters.

The Players And Their Positions

Each team of a American Football game consists of 15 players on each side who are broken down further into two parts which are known as the forward and backward. While the forward consists of bigger and stronger players while the backward consists of faster and maneuverable players. The forward players are marked by the jersey from 1-8 while the 9-15 jersey numbers represent the backward players.

The primary objective of the game is to score as much goal as possible by the dodging and to break the defense line of the opposition team. So, when you are about the watch the next nfl draft bust, make sure that you have gone through the rules and regulations of the game.

American Football is one of the most exciting sports that you will ever play but it also essential at the same time that you know the rules and regulations of the game precisely.

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