How Is Body Language A Form Of Non-Verbal Communication

How Is Body Language A Form Of Non-Verbal Communication

Sometimes it so happens that you do not always want to communicate through words, and you want to express your feelings through body language, especially if that is a professional place, where there is limitation against expressing your opinion. Also, it might so happen that when you are about to make a presentation or speak publicly, then you also need the right body language, to give a positive vibe to your audience, and also to enhance their interest in your speech. Body language is, therefore, the unspoken element of communication that is used to reveal what you are feeling and your genuine emotions.

Projecting Positive Body Language

When you want to project a positive body language, it will add to your strength and your confidence in which you speak. You should be conscious about the signal you want to give your audience so that they do not have a wrong impression about you. You should have an open posture, where you need to have a relaxed attitude but of course, you should not slouch. Use a firm handshake, to make your presence felt in the conversation, and also to keep a bit formal. Maintain eye contact with the other person, showing that you are both sincere and engaged. If you want to create an impression of honesty, then do not touch your face or hair while answering a question.

Projecting Negative Body Language

It’s not like you want to show these negative body language, but often it might end up showing on your facial expression. Through the way, you keep your hands or the posture in which you are standing, so it is the best to avoid such body expressions consciously as much as you can especially when you are dealing with particularly a problematic situation. Your arms should not be folded in front of the body, your face should not have a tense expression, and your eyes should not be downcast maintaining little eye contact with the other person. Your body should also be not turned away from you. These are clear cut signs that you want to avoid a conversation, or you are no longer interested in the conversation.

When you are speaking publicly, you should rehearse your body expression, and it would be best if you have a proper Body Language Training, it will help you to gain an advantage above others.

In the corporate world, where you need to meet clients at frequent intervals, it is expected of you that you have courteous and positive energy around you, which will help in the interaction with the other person and will help to get over any form of awkwardness if that exists. Also when you go for interviews, you need to have a proper body language than to impress the interviewer there.

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