SMTP Host A Secured Mail Hosting Server

SMTP Host A Secured Mail Hosting Server

SMTP Host is a type of email hosting which allows users to send bulk emails with dedicated IP and by using their Domain. Sending bulk emails or high volume emails is a challenge for the business organization and hence the SMTP hosting is used to eradicate the problems.

May a time a normal hosting does not let you send bulk emails as there are hourly limit sent on the number of emails sent. This creates a problem when the user has to send bulk mails or high voluminous emails. Thus to combat this issue, SMTP email hosting enables you to send bulk emails using a particular IP and domain. It provides you with more speed and has no daily or hourly limit on the number of emails sent. In this article you will understand what is SMTP host?

Why Do We Use Email Hosting Service For Bulk Mailing?

In the normal hosting service, we have a certain limit up to which the emails can be sent in bulk, but in case of Hosted SMTP, we can send bulk and voluminous emails without any limit, to ensure restriction free services SMTP email hosting is used on a wide scale by online advertising companies.

The Two SMTP Functions Are:

  1. It verified that any users attempting to send outgoing email through SMTP server is allowed to do so. Thus configure SMTP allows the users to send emails in bulk.
  2. It sends the outgoing mail and if undelivered, send the message back to the sender.

Outgoing Mail Server Of The Sender

After the mails have been sent the webmail application or the program used to send the mail converts the message into a header before loading on to the outgoing mail server- SMTP server. The server mail transfer agent (MTA) then checks the size of the mail and checks it for spam to ensure that the mail reaches the destination. The Hosted email security also checks the domain name system for the recipient mail server’s IP address.

Eternal Forwarding Server

If the recipient’s domain name is same as that of the sender that the email is sent directly to the recipient without any interruption, whereas if the domain is different, then the MTA splits it into small data packets to transfer it to the destination SMTP server in the shortest and least congested route possible.

An Incoming Server Of The Recipient

On the arrival of the destination SMTP server, the data packets are re-assembled into a complete email. This re assemble email is then checked for spams by the MAT and transferred to the message storage of the recipient.

An organization where the sender has to send the mail to multiple recipients and the receiver is one that is such cases SMTP hosting should be used. These services allow you to send bulk and voluminous emails without any limits. These also prevent the mails from being marked as spams as it before sending it to the recipient the Mail transfer agent scans it for the spam and then forwards it to the inbox of the recipient. These free SMTP server performing the spam check provide hosted email security and hence make the senders email reach the inbox without being blacklisted.

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