What Can You Gift Your Realtor For His Efforts

What Can You Gift Your Realtor For His Efforts

Now that you finally have purchased a house, it’s time to thank your realtor, right? Because let’s be honest, we all know where we would be on this journey, had it not been for realtors. So a thank you card or a bottle of wine should be enough? Well, it would be, but your realtor may be one of those who would do anything to get you the best deal. (I’m talking about midnight phone calls, going five places in a day, pulling strings, etc.) Then they definitely deserve something a little more thoughtful.

Some Gift Ideas For Your Realtor

Here are five personalized gift ideas for the realtor who goes out of his way:

  1. A Pamper Kit – build your realtor a personalized pamper kit, because their job is not an easy one and everybody deserve a little pampering here and there. Get a basket and fill it with calming teas, body washes, body scrubs, scented candles, detox smoothies, some chocolates, snacks and maybe coupons to a spa or massage.
  2. Office Desk Paraphernalia- for anyone with an office a good and inspiring workspace is a must. A good-looking workspace not only makes the person want to work but also creates a good impression on everyone who visits the office. So personalized notebooks, a fancy looking gold stapler, maybe a classy business card holder, etc. Would be a great option.
  3. Good Luck Charms – if your realtor is spiritual then this would make for a really nice gift for him. Do a little research on the cultures he believes in and get him a good luck charm according to that. This will make him happy, content, and also invite positive vibes and prosperity into his space.
  4. Formal Attire –get your realtor a good crisp shirt or a blazer, something that he might be able to put on for those important meetings. We all know the importance of dressing to impress, so give your realtor another option for when he needs to really impress that important client.
  5. A Short Trip – These closing gifts for realtors is a special treat for the really outstanding realtor. Send him the tickets to a nearby destination for a short trip or get him a couple days’ reservation at a resort for him and his family, because these people sure do deserve a break and some relaxation.

These thoughtful and personalized gift ideas will make sure that you always remain as a found memory to your realtor and will definitely help you with your future deals. Also, it’s not nice to let someone know how much we appreciate them and how grateful we are for what they do for us.

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