How Can One Test Gold Purity With The Home Metal Test Kits

How Can One Test Gold Purity With The Home Metal Test Kits

Gold, silver and platinum are some of the precious metals, which have a high demand in the market. Earlier, gold rules the charts, but platinum has recently replaced it from number one slot. People from all financial backgrounds can afford gold ornaments. Family members present 24K gold ornaments during marriage ceremonies. The gold prices vary from one country to another. Today Gold Price in Japan is within reach of a person with average income. But it can go up tomorrow if the vectors in the international gold market change. Thus, it is the right time to purchase a gold wedding bank for your fiance.

Gold Priced Depends On Its Purity

Gold is a soft metal. One cannot make ornaments with soft metals. So, jewelry makers must use alloys to harden the gold. Experts express the gold purity in Karats. 24K gold contains fewer alloys and gets the Hallmark certification. The 24k and 22K gold rate top the price charts. Many think that it is impossible to measure the purity of the gold bar at home. If you have a kit, then you can test the karats without hassle.

How To Use The Home Gold Measurement Kit?

The home gold testing kit comes with a stone. Clean the ring of any other ornament with water. Them wipe it with a cloth well. Once the ornament is dry rub it well on the stone that comes with the kit. Depending on the gold purity, you can search for the 18k gold rate.

The testing kit also comes with several bottles that contain special acids. Each bottle has a Karat mark on it. The gold ring must possess a mark on it. You need to take a dropper and one drop of each acid.

If the mark becomes invisible, or the hue changes, then the ornament contains less gold. If you want to sell the piece, the stores will test it again. They will offer as per the current 14K gold rate.

In case there is no change in the color, or the mark stays prominent, you can rest assured about the gold quality. Thrift stores can pay you 10K gold rate if you can perform the test in from of the store owner. Reputed stores have access to modern gadgets to perform the same tests. Once they get the results, they will pay you the money.

Many do not want to invest money in the gold measurement kits. If you want to measure gold purity, then take the ornament to the nearest gold store. They have special vacuum measurement gadgets. Once they place the item in the machine, its sensors automatically detect the weight and karat count. The figures come up on the LED display monitor. The store will give you a print out to certify the jewelry.

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