Fix “dns_probe_finished_bad_config” Error on Android

It’s 2017, we expect technology to be more reliable and flawless. Unfortunately, your Google Chrome starts showing some internal issue due to which the system is also exploited. And you find your computer or device to hang, reason being, yes you guessed right, the DNS issue.

Today in the article we’ll be discussing this nagging issue and how to solve it. Doesn’t matter whether you’re working on your computer or your Android device, Google Chrome can create a problem for you. But before that let’s understand DNS and its job.

What exactly is DNS?

DNS (Domain Name Server) is a very crucial part of your modem or router. DNS specifically translates domains name to an IP address, so that people can see them on their computer or devices. Your modem or router uses DNS by default. The Internet provider determines DNS unless you change it. Therefore, an issue with DNS is not which get solved by itself, you really have to be careful about the issues related to this part of your device.

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Fix “dns_probe_finished_bad_config”

First, we’ll talk about three simple steps which might help you in fixing this nagging problem:-

  • Fix the router or modem
  • Now turn it on and try and use it.
  • This should solve the problem, however, if the issue is not resolved, follow the next procedure.
  • Rename IP address

This step is just like refreshing your web page. The only difference lies in the fact that we’re dealing with IP address instead of URLs. Try and change the name of your IP address, this should help. However, if the technique doesn’t work on your computer or device, follow the next process.

  • Fix/reset Google Chrome

It’s just the same process as the first one, it’s just that we’re dealing with web browser instead of the modem/router.

All you have to do is go to your address bar and type “Chrome://system/resetprofilesettings” and press “enter”. This is the easiest way to come out of this issue.

  1. Flush your DNS cache

If you have ever noticed, there is an option of clearing data and cache in the settings menu. This is just the same as clearing the cache or unwanted data from your mobile phone.

  • Press the menu button and select the setting option.
  • Choose Privacy option and a pop-up menu will open.
  • Now clear all cache data. While clearing all the data, please remember that cache, cookies, and data is selected.
  1. Alter DNS address


For Android operating system:-

  • Tap on the settings of your device
  • Choose WiFi
  • Now press and hold your current network connection and as a pop-up shows up, select modify network.
  • Select the “Show advanced options” if it’s not selected.
  • Find “IP settings” and change it to “static”.
  • Now in DNS 1 (add and in DNS 2 (add
  • Finally, click to save the changes and your work will be done here.


DNS is a very important part of your computer or device. Before using the last two procedures, please try and fix the issue via the first three procedures. However, if all else fails, please contact your internet provider, he might help you with the procedure.