How to stay fit

There are many ways to burn calories and stay fit without having to attend the gym regularly. It can be done with any other exercise, or simply changing a few things in your daily routine. Let’s look at five ways to stay in shape without going to the gym:

1.    Use the stairs

If you live in a building, in the third or fifth floor, just dedicate yourself to use the stairs more often. Upload is a fantastic exercise: You can get to burn 7 to 10 calories per minute. With this simple plan, you strengthen the quadriceps; hamstrings and even your abs. stop wasting time waiting for the elevator: your body will thank you for using the stairs!


2.    Dance
If the gym bores you, definitely dancing is your thing. Did you know that by dancing only 15 minutes to the beat of your favorite songs you can burn between 60 and 86 calories? Negligible to do something you really enjoy. So put on your shoes, your best dress and go out to dance and have fun with your friends till dawn.


3.    Go to the pool
By far, the swimming is the most comprehensive activity. It does not only help to burn calories, but is also good for respiratory, bone and other issues. But if you want to get rid of calories the most convenient style is butterfly. It is the most complete and complex style, so we recommend if you practice and practice with knowledge, if you do not want to injure your back and shoulders. But it is worth learning.


4.    Use ankle weights
It is a different way to perform usual walks, from home to work or place of study. Put these ankle weights and do work a little more on certain parts of your body, such as legs and abdominals. As with common weights, you must be careful that the weight is not too much, but that allows you to feel comfortable and avoid possible injury.


5.    Walk a little
Beyond a matter of losing those extra pounds that bother us, we also talk about the dangers that can lead us to a sedentary life. Lack of exercise may lead to major problems such as diabetes. So, to make your daily activities such as shopping at the supermarket, parking the car a few blocks away to walk more and spend some energy.

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