What is Divorce Mediation? Will it be the right choice?

What is Divorce Mediation? Will it be the right choice?

Divorce mediation is a concept or procedure wherein married couples, or the domestics partners separate themselves on legal ground. This is a voluntary settlement made by them together. One of the significant benefits or reasons behind couples gong for the divorce mediation process is the fact that it saves up a lot of time for the two parties involved. Along with this, it provides them the option to plan their future ahead rationally. All of this is done with mutual respect to one another and in a cooperative environment. Each party needs to have a divorce mediation lawyer of its own. Then with the help of a divorce mediator, both the parties conclude to a decision that is made, keeping in consideration everything, from family to finances to the future ahead. 

Some other reasons why partners choose to go for mediation?

There are specific merits and demerits of divorce mediation; we will talk about them later on. Here we will cite some reasons why married couples or domestics partners choose to go for divorce mediation instead of a litigated divorce. 

The reason behind choosing mediation instead of litigation is that they find mediation quite beneficial, especially for their families. Besides, it is not costly; for example, the Divorce mediation in long island is reasonable. Most importantly, divorce mediation takes much less time in comparison to litigated divorces. Litigated divorces can take a year or more, but divorce mediation takes only 2-3 months to come to a settlement. 

Other reasons include the ability of the couple to communicate better with the concerned ones all throughout the settlement procedure. Both parties are encouraged to cooperate with each other. Even then, they are able to acquire more control over the whole arrangement. This is how divorce mediation lets them make better decisions for their family as well. Plus, it provides them with more desirable emotional protection for their children. 

All of the reasons mentioned above make couples and domestic partners hire a divorce mediation lawyer and chose divorce mediation over a litigated divorce. 

Merits of Divorce mediation

A confidential procedure

Nothing discussed during the mediation processes are made public. This is unlike the court procedures where each and every word spoke is jotted down by a reporter and made public. Here all the matters are kept private to the concerned parties only, and if the mediator takes any notes, then those are thrown right away afterward. 

Fair to all

This is one of the many beneficial aspects of mediation. And it is possible only because the third-party or the mediator does not have any relation with either of the parties. This mediator is able to think objectively and hence is able to come up with a solution which the parties can not due to their emotional involvement. Besides, the mediator will not get anything out of this, so the outcome does not affect him/her. 

Couple gets the control

The decision majorly or entirely depends on the couple and not on the judge of the court. What they feel suitable and comfortable goes. This is one of the significant benefits of divorce mediation. 

Saves money and time

The main agenda behind this concept of divorce mediation is to avoid or do not take part in the formal procedures and formalities of the Family court. Without the need for such formalities, the decision is made much faster and with efficiency. Hence this saves up a lot of time of the parties involved, and also the complete settlement procedure is pocket-friendly. 

Demerits of Divorce mediation

Not a legal procedure

The procedure is not the same as the courts. Here you are not required to submit any documents concerning your assets prior to mediation. Thus, either of the party can hide their assets along with other information related to finance. 

Put both the parties at an equal level

This comes under demerits as it is possible that one of the parties had been a bully or abusive in the past. Mediation does not take into consideration what happened in the past; it makes decisions in regard to the future only. 

Pro Se litigants could be taken benefit of

The people who do not have an attorney are called Pro Se litigants. They would not have complete knowledge of their divorce rights. And hence they can be quickly taken advantage of. They might not be able to focus correctly and work in accordance with their future rights.

Is Divorce mediation right for you?

You can go for it without any delay if both the parties are sure of it. But if you have any doubt related to divorce mediation, then it would be wise to meet up with a divorce mediator first. This will help you to understand the procedure thoroughly. You can go to long island for this as the Divorce mediation long island cost is quite affordable. 

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