Why One Must Use The KIK Messenger?

You can easily download this app in Android and iOS phone operating system because it is free of cost. This app is working just like another app that we can use for example whats app messenger, Facebook messenger, Viber. This app connects you with your friends, colleges and university fellows with single or group chat. You can easily share photos and important points about your study with your friends.

KIK helps you to send photos, text messages and videos all over the globe with the help of local Wi-Fi connection. If you are worried about paying apps,  this is good news as this app is free, you can easily use without any hesitation. This messenger can give you full guideline when you are a new user. It helps you to understand all its features.

Uses of Kik messenger application:

1.    You can use this app to send voice messages, texts and even videos any where you want
2.    This app can be also used for international contact, as you don’t need a number for using this app.
3.    All you require is just a verification from your mail to start using this app.
4.    This app is completely free of cost, so you can use it as much as you want and whenever you want.
5.    All you require for using this app is the proper internet connection
6.    You can also download and use this app on the symbian mobile phones.
7.    You can also get Kik online Pc app, as you can use it on both pc and on your phone.

Advantages of KIK messenger:

Every social website has its one advantage, so there are some advantages of KIK messenger as follow;

•    Easy way of communication : KIK works just like another app for, example Whatsapp and Viber. It can be used to connect other people with the help of the message. It is a very easy way to communicate other and planning everything.
•    A wide community of users: 4 million users use this application to communicate with friends, family members. It is helpful to use because it is free of cost
•    Free to download on all phones:You can easily download this app on your phone without paying any charges because it is not paid application just like many other apps.
•    Blocking features: There are many features or notifications added in this application like blocking. If you want to ignore someone to just add his or her number in the blocking list.

The Disadvantages

This application has many disadvantages. KIK messenger has not defended the young generation mostly girls. There are many cases we can see in social media. Some disadvantages are given below:

•    This application is not safe for teenage like girls. Parents should check their children phone or PC with the help of some tracking software.

Apart from this you can use the Kik messenger, as its free of cost and with It, you can get so many other benefits from it.  You can also create groups on the app, in order to stay connected with your loved ones every time.