hair patching

What is Hair Patch

The First Question which comes in our mind that what is hair patch. Why we use it. When to use it. To solve these questions we are trying to give a complete knowledge about it & its types.

How stressful it is for a person who suffers from hair loss before age. Thinning of hair can have a huge effect on a person’s mental health and self-esteem. A medical condition called Alopecia Areata causes hair loss in round patches on the scalp. In the case of partial baldness, hair patch can be used. Hair patch is a non-surgical treatment and can be used to cover a small bald area of the scalp. Hair patch or Hair Wigs is a top molded patch which is made up of normal hair and can be used to cover a bald section of the scalp.

What exactly is hair patch treatment?

The hair patch treatment is a simple non-surgical method, unlike hair transplantation in which a patch of hair is placed in the bald area of the head with the help of cosmetic glue, tapes or clips. People with Alopecia Areata often go for this non-surgical hair restoration treatment as it is completely safe and free from any kind of allergic reactions as known as Hair Replacement in Delhi. People who do have funds to undergo surgical treatment for hair loss find hair patch method most suitable. This kind of treatment does not require any usage of needles. Also, the hair patch treatment is done in one sitting only and people can continue their daily activities like- swimming, playing, bathing without any difference.

What are the types of hair patch?

Hair patch comes in artificial as well as natural hair. The Artifical hair patch is made up of synthetic hair. They are cheaper than natural hair patch. The Natural hair patch consists of human hair and they look more natural. Hair patch comes in different hair color to match with the texture of your natural hair. It comes in different sizes and shapes. The quality of the hair patch also varies depending upon the cost. Hair patch is available both ready made and customized.  They can be custom made according to the need and requirement of the patient.

Three Types Hair Patch Can be fixed at baldness area & for your more help i am gonna share video to understand what is that.

1. Glue System Hair Patching

2. Clip System Hair Patching

3. Tape System Hair Patching

What are the benefits of hair patch treatment?

Hair patch treatment is a low-cost treatment and desired hairstyle can be achieved with it. The procedure is completely painless as no needles are involved in it. They can easily be worn or removed when required without much efforts. No cuts are made simply with the help of cosmetic glue they can be applied. The complete hair patch treatment takes only 1 to 2 hours to be completed in one sitting only.

Without any doubt, hair patch treatment is a far ahead and better option than any other surgical treatments. Not only there are no side effects of the treatment but it also ends up giving the most natural look to a patient. This non-surgical treatment is highly suitable and recommended to both men and women to cover their bald section in the scalp of their head. It gives full coverage and a patient always ends up looking better than ever. If you want to undergo this non-surgical hair patch treatment, you can contact our experts as we provide full treatment and assistance to our patients.