Some Gangster Style

Some Gangster Style

Today, once we think of gangsters, we generally think more gangsta – hip thugs in white tank tops and gang colors. But once after a time, crapule in which a little more stylish, a little more tasteful, although just as dangerous. The fripouilles of old – the mafia dons and the ones ascending the ranks – dressed up to impress.

Most camorra men had climbed up out of poverty to produce a name for themselves – and what they wished more than anything was money and power. That makes sense, therefore, that they would choose to flaunt their income by wearing expensive suits and all of the vintage fashions of the day. Fedora hats, pinstriped suits and spats were all part of the look. And of course, there is not anything demonstrated to be better than a long trench cover for hiding a tommy gun!

In the crapule heyday, craze men was considerably different – as well as for women. When men like Ing Capone ruled the roads, people dressed for supper – and dancing, and of course to struck the local speakeasy in defiance of prohibition. Although prohibition didn’t last, the image of the hoodlum from that era has become an icon of style that brings with each other the style of 10 years with the edge of danger and mystery that the powerful men of the mafia carried almost everywhere they went.¬†

But who says mafia men have to have all the enjoyment? Today, a girl can take on hoodlum style just as easily as a man; after all, women do look great in pinstripes. Even though the mafia back in the day didn’t have many women running around in suits rubbing away rivals, today the dream of the early 100 years gangster fits a women’s costume as well as a man’s. Certainly women back again in the mafia time found something irresistible about the powerful men who ran the streets. Today, women in sexy crapule costumes have the same mystique.

Fitted, tailored suit pieces suitable for the ultimate sex appeal work attractively with the addition of a necktie and of course a fedora head wear in order to make the perfect woman’s halloween costume. Garters and stockings are not simply a fashion statement last those days – they were what women dressed in all the time, so they are the perfect sexy touch to add to any gangster outfit. And of course, a retro shoe or shoe finishes from the gangster look.

Everyone knows there is certainly absolutely nothing sexier than a girl who wields power and simply a little bit of danger. Gangsters are intimate figures in literature for just that reason. And when a woman requires on the gangster look, it just doesn’t get much sexier!

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