Net Postage – How to Mail Anything Without Departing Home

Net Postage – How to Mail Anything Without Departing Home

Eventually you are going to wrap up at the Post Office. It’s a fact of life. Long lines, cryptic rules, endless forms plus sometimes less than helpful countertop staff. But with a little know-how and a little investment you can practically eliminate any need to visit the post office again.

The key to this postage nirvana is taking a few easy steps before you have to mail something. If you possible until the mail is in your hand chances are you will be back at the Post Office waiting around in line again. Pondering ahead really does repay.

Mailing Letters

In the past I did previously buy a book of stamps and keep them handy. It worked for the most part but invariably the Post Office would change the postal rates. postage calculator designed either going back to the Post Office to buy stamps in the denomination of the big difference, or a new publication of stamps. Very frustrating, and a large waste of time and money.

This kind of clumsy situation has been solved by the new Forever Stamp. The Permanently stamp is always valid for First-Class postage on standard envelopes weighing one ounce or less, regardless of any subsequent increases in the First-Class rate. Bottom level line – they are valid forever.

Not only does this eliminate needless trips to the Post Office, it also saves money. If the nearly all rate goes up you can still continue to use the Forever Stamp that you bought at the lower rate. They come in books of 20 stamps, but you can also order a packet containing 100 Forever Stamps right from the USPS web site.

Small Packages:

If you have to mail a package you have two problems to overcome. The first is identifying the weight of your package. The second is calculating and printing the required postage.

To effectively calculate the weight you are going to desire a scale of some kind. The ideal solution is to buy a little digital postal scale. You can find these on places like Amazon and Ebay. But if buying a dedicated da postagem scale seems like pure excess for you a good quality digital kitchen scale will work just as well. Please remember my advice earlier. Choose the postal level now. Don’t wait until the package is siting on your desk.

Today that we have the package weight we are ready to calculate the postage amount and print out our shipping label. To do this we are going to use a feature available from PayPal called ShipNow. (If you have not sold anything on amazon before the ShipNow option will be missing. See below about how to fix this. )

From the ShipNow screen select USPS as the carrier and enter the required information. You can print your shipping label using plain paper or better yet a self adhesive ingredients label.

The labels print on standard 8. 5 Back button 11 inch paper using your existing inkjet or laser printer. The actual shipping label is 6X4 inches, so make certain your package is big enough to accept this. You can print a dummy group label first to check that your printer is working correctly. PayPal also lets you void a packaging within 48 hours if you need to (e. g. your printer jammed. )

Unlike regular nearly all stamps ShipNow postage product labels are only valid for the date specified. Therefore make certain to mail your package by the given ship date. You can specify a ship date up to three days and nights in advance at the time you build your ingredients label. ShipNow will allow you to ship your package deal internationally, but you are restricted to the more expensive Express and Priority mail classes.

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