Air Tools for Compressors – How to make the right choice

Air Tools for Compressors – How to make the right choice

Air tools for compressors are good options for expansion. Many home improvement use the compressed air adapter to switch to pneumatic tools. Because compressed air tools have many great features: they are light, efficient, quiet, easy to maintain and very durable.

However, there are some things to be aware of with compressed air tools, especially as far as the compressor is concerned. This must correspond to special requirements.

In this article you will find all the information you need for compressed air tools. So here you will find the necessary criteria that a compressor must meet, and a recommendation for a suitable compressor. You will also find the various types of air tools and the associated bestsellers.

Find the right compressor for air tools

The application areas of compressors are great. But working with compressed air tools presents a major challenge for a compressor. So you have to make sure that the compressor brings the necessary properties that the tool provides to this. We can already answer some of them here as far as possible.

We recommend a compressor with at least 40 liters of tank volume (compressed air tank volume), so that your unit does not have to start constantly. Then you have to take a closer look at your chosen tool so that the product details of the tool match the performance data of the compressor.

Here are some of the features a compressor needs to bring along to make it work smoothly.

Minimum requirements for the compressor at a glance

  • Working pressure of at least 6 bar
  • Boiler volume of at least 40 liters
  • Output capacity of at least 280 l / min
  • Power of at least 2 kW

Recommendation of a suitable compressor

As you might have already seen from our compressor comparison, a compressor fulfills all these requirements. The Güde 415/10/50 N 50053 Compressor is a great compressor that has all of its ability to work with pneumatic tools. If you do not have a compressor, you should buy the Güde compressor.

Product details of the Güde compressor at a glance

  • Working pressure of 10 bar
  • Boiler volume of 50 liters
  • Output power of 302 l / min
  • Power of at least 2.2 kW

Impact wrench for compressor

Impact wrenches are a great helper for any workshop. The devices allow quick tire change and the quick loosening and screwing of tools. The requirements are at least 150-300 l / min (depending on the tool) flow rate and 6 bar pressure.

Compressed air drill for compressor

A pneumatic drill is a great alternative to an electric drill. It is light, quiet and powerful. The compressed air drill is a very robust compressor accessory and therefore very durable. The flow rate (air consumption) is on average about 150 l / min and 6 bar.

Stunning hammer for compressor

The chisel hammer is a small handy device that in parts makes the compressed air counterpart to the electric hammer drill. With an average of 220 l / min and 6 bar, it belongs to a device that requires larger compressors.

Ratchet screwdriver for compressor

Compressed air ratchet screwdrivers are popular with motor vehicle screwdrivers. Hard to loosen screws can be solved without much effort. The approximate guide values ​​for these units are 6.2 bar pressure and 220 l / min air demand.

Air grinder for compressor

A compressed air grinder is very flexible even in hard to reach places and offers incredible speeds. Sets with several essays are particularly popular. Approximate guide values ​​are 6 bar pressure and 120 l / min air consumption.

Compressed air angle grinder for compressor

Angle grinders are indispensable when working on steel parts. Unfortunately, especially cheap angle grinders break down quickly. Compressed air angle grinders, on the other hand, have the reputation of being indestructible. Key figures are: 6.3 bar pressure and 120 liters / min air consumption, which are to be made for the compressor.

Compressed air tacker for compressor

Pneumatic tackers are stable and very powerful. The higher the applied pressure of the compressor, the longer can be the nails, which are thereby rammed into the material. There is no (barely) air “consumed”. For these devices, only the applied pressure is important. However, this should not be less than 6 bar.

Lubricator for compressed air tools

Compressors usually already contain compressor oil in the compressed air, except for oil-free compressors. Many high-revving devices still need extra oil in the air. This happens with a so-called oiler. This oiler is extremely cheap and should not be missing in any shopping cart. Because the lifetime of the compressed air devices is hereby increased enormously.

Pneumatic tools for compressors in a set

Especially beginners is a cheap set that has the most important elements to recommend. The air tools are not the best, but they are usually better than any electric do-it-yourself tool.

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