Big Names, Big Money – Autographs For Sale

Big Names, Big Money – Autographs For Sale

No matter whom you are or where you come from, at one time or another you’ve been star struck and if you were lucky enough and close enough, you were able to get that big name star to scribble his or her name on some scrap piece of paper you found in your pocket or purse. Carefully you stash it away inside a book or shoe box and eventually you forget about it authentic star wars autographs. Years later, while cleaning the attic you come across this treasure; and a treasure is what it is. Thousands of people find hidden treasures stored away in garages, basements, and attics, and when they authenticate them, come to realize that scribbled on piece of paper is worth hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars.

So you ask, “How do you get those big name autographs”? The answer is, it’s all about planning and timing and sometimes it’s about being at the right place at the right time. For years I have been a die-hard NASCAR fan, following some of the greatest drivers of all time. I’ve collected numerous items, personally signed by drivers such as Tony Stewart, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Kevin Harvick but most my treasured item is an old tire that sits in the corner of my garage, protected and secure. It is a tire from the #3, Dale Earnhardt Sr. car from the 1998 Talladega race. The number “3” is still visible, which is written in chalk, as well as the “RF” standing for right front.

I’ve been offered hundreds of dollars for this tire since his death in 2001, but for me the tire is too sentimental for me to ever part with star wars autographs photos.I got the tire from my brother, who got it from a friend, who got it from another friend. So, sometimes, getting that priceless collectible means, knowing the right people who also know the right people. The hottest NASCAR collectibles to look for now are:Dale Earnhardt Sr. prior to his death. Anything signed personally is worth big money. Collectibles to look for are his #3 Oreo die cast car. There weren’t many made and there are few on the market. If you find one, buy it and hold on to it; it will only increase in value. Dale Earnhardt Jr. collectibles. Anything from when he drove in the Busch series, when he drove the #8, and anything with the #88. Dale Jr. is the hottest NASCAR ticket going. His fan base out-numbers all other drivers 10-1. Anything personally autographed should be stored away and held for a rainy day.

Any rookie trading cards for Dale Jr., Tony Stewart, Kurt Busch, Kyle Busch, Ryan Newman, etc. These are the stars of today and if you ever find a rookie card, dated the year they were rookies, well, cha ching! Another great way to rack up some good NASCAR autographs is to attend a race and buy a pit pass. Most every driver has a set time and place that they make themselves available for meet and greet sessions. But be forewarned, unless you get there hours in advance, the wait will be long and sometimes, not everybody gets to the front of the line. This is another time that being at the right place at the right time comes in handy. And for the record, have an item like a Photo of the Driver for them to sign. Sure it’s cool for Jeff Gordon to sign your belly or your right breast, but eventually, you’re going to have to take a shower.

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