Natural Cures For Herpes

Natural Cures For Herpes

The herpes virus lives in nerve cells where the immune system cannot find them. They become active from time to time when the immune system becomes depressed. As of now there has not been a full cure found to completely rid the body of the HSV-1 (oral cold sores) and HSV-2 (genital) virus. But there are some natural remedies for natural cure for herpes that will stem the outbreaks and minimize the virus’ activity.

First of all your diet needs to be varied and healthy and include plenty of vitamins C and E and also zinc. You need to keep your immune system strong as it is when it weakens that an outbreak occurs. Try to avoid eating sugar as this can depress the immune system. Smoking can also cause the immune system to weaken so giving up the nicotine will help keep your herpes in check.

Lemon balm has also proven to help clear up herpes symptoms and prevent further outbreaks, by applying the balm locally when the sufferer feels the symptoms starting. Thyme is one of the most widely used natural suppressants. Frequent use of thyme has significantly reduced the frequency of outbreaks in many sufferers.

Omega 3 has helped many people from reoccurring outbreaks. It works by strengthening the cell walls so it makes it harder for the herpes virus to break through the cell walls and reach the nucleus.

To find the most effective natural cures for herpes you need to follow a program that will guide you through all of the steps you need to take, including your diet and natural herbal remedies.

One very effective program is called Stop Herpes Now. This program has helped many people cure their herpes outbreaks already and uses natural methods only. It has a very high success rate and is becoming more and more popular because of the fast and effective results it produces.

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