How I Found an Affordable Dentist

How I Found an Affordable Dentist

If there isn’t an NHS dentist you’re not alone. Half the UK population don’t. When enough time comes that you actually need dental treatment though private fees could be prohibitive. So what’s the alternative? Will there be an alternative?

Well let’s not discuss DIY dental treatment, that sends a shiver down my spine, I don’t learn about yours. Yes, you will find temporary filling kits but they are exactly that, temporary. If you want extraction I must say i can’t recommend the string around the entranceway knob approach either Top Dentist Las Vegas. Let’s face it, when enough time comes you will want top notch professional to take care of you utilizing the very highest standards, materials and techniques currently available. There are numerous fine dentists in the UK that may offer all of that but can you afford their fees?

In 2004 it came time for me to own to do something positive about the state of my teeth. Old fillings were beginning to break down and my teeth, and therefore my smile, were no longer attractive. Similar to people my smile is essential to me. I dreamed of having an ideal smile so I asked my brilliant UK dentist what he could do for me. Yes, no issue was the reply. I can give you a perfect mile back. Approximate price, around £10,000. Wow!, I couldn’t afford that. There has to be another way to accomplish that perfect smile I so wanted.

I racked my brain to try and produce a solution. I then heard something about dental tourism and Hungary. I searched the web for more information and discovered an agency actually called Perfect Smile located in Budapest. I contacted them by email. During the time they simply offered treatment in Budapest however they said that I will come for a consultation. They arranged everything for me just for £199! This included my flights, airport transfers, dental x-ray, a consultation with Dr.Tamas Balsai and 2 nights in the Hotel Gellert with a space overlooking the Danube and free use of an enormous Spa. It had been a great way to see Budapest and take action really worthwhile at the same time.

Dr. Balsai is one of Hungary’s top dentists. He’s also a doctor and a fully qualified implantologist. He speaks good English too. He said I’d need an implant, 2 bridges and 14 ceramic crowns. The cost in the UK remember, around £10,000. The purchase price quoted from Perfect Smile was just £2500! Just the implant in the UK would definitely cost £1700.

Needless to say I now had a brilliant solution and I became a client of Perfect Smile Dentists, Budapest. It took a couple of trips to get everything done, not a serious problem with cheap flights and a wonderful city to visit. 4 years on and Tamas Balsai remains my dentist and my smile is indeed perfect. I still visit Budapest for check ups and cleaning but that’s all I’ve needed since.

Nowadays Perfect Smile Dentist also provide weekend surgeries in Shepherds Bush, London so you’ll have the entire world class treatment that I had without flying to Hungary. Personally I still visit Budapest because I fell in deep love with the city. In either case you’ll have a world class, affordable dentist.

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