New $99 Tactic Air Drone, Best 4K Dual Camera Drone Matches $1499 DJI Mavic features

New $99 Tactic Air Drone, Best 4K Dual Camera Drone Matches $1499 DJI Mavic features

2019 Newly launched Tactic Air Drone has been certified as the best beginner friendly drone that matches its counterpart DJI Mavic in terms of long flight duration, performance, durability and overall quality. The drone boasts very evolved features like gesture control, 4K HD camera, anti collision system, follow mode and more.

(July 15, 2019) – Winner of the Finest New Drone Award 2019, Tactic Air Drone has made ripples in the world of affordable yet impactful aerial photography technologies. Designed by Michael Hutchinson, founder of DroneNexus, this innovative gadget boasts outstandingly superior intelligent and instinctive features that brings it shoulder to shoulder with its upscale competitor, DJI Mavic.

From the date of debut till today, top attributes like smart gesture control anti collision system, follow mode, dual wide angle cameras and easy portability have been widely appreciated and reviewed with nothing less than five stars by an ever growing list of buyers.

At default mode, tactic air drone comes with a configuration of 720p and 480p dual cameras which can be upgraded to 4K dual HD with an added investment of 49$.

Besides, Tactic Air Drone is designed to support 20 minutes of flight time which makes it one of the best options for capturing almost all types of events and occasions like camping, fishing, hiking and vacations, weddings and even short film making for that matter.

Tactic Air Drone Currently available in the market at a pocket friendly price of 99$, this is one of those deals that no gadget enthusiast wants to miss out on.

About Tactic Air Drone –
Tactic Air Drone is a recently launched beginner friendly drone that has been designed with highly evolved attributes that matches with its 1499$ counterpart, DJI Mavic. Tactic Air Drone is outstandingly easy to operate and offers thoroughly intelligent and instinctive usage features as well.

More information on Tactic Air Drone along with purchase details is available at tactic air drone official website

Originally sold at $198, enjoy the ongoing 50% discount and get tactic air drone today at $99.
We can’t recommend any better…

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