PurKine(TM) GST-Tag Glutathione Resin 4FF

PurKine(TM) GST-Tag Glutathione Resin 4FF

PurKine(TM) GST-Tag Glutathione Botanical 4FF Glutathione resin column 4FF  purifies high levels of overexpressed GST-tagged fusion proteins in the law of gravity column procedures at a variety of scales. The Resin contains 90? meters beads of highly cross-linked 4% agarose, that reduced glutathione has been paired.

The glutathione ligand is coupled via a 12-atom linker. Tests confirm that performance equals or surpasses popular GST-Tag Purification Resins from all other suppliers, and no decrease in performance occurs after at least five repeated uses. Additionally, their high flow properties make it excellent for scaling-up.

Abbkine PurKine(TM) is number of unique purification portfolio from settled resin, prepacked whirl columns and full products for your most types of sample purification and preparation.

Rather than traditional technique of resin production, Abbkine is taking good thing about the latest synthetics process with cutting-edge techniques for the resin development and accessories optimization. PurKine(TM) tools are available for your trials from fusion proteins, nucleic acids, antibodies and biomolecule markers with improved production, simplified workflow and cost saving.

The product shown herein is for research use only and it is not intended for use in human or clinical prognosis. Suggested applications of our products aren’t tips to use our products in violation of any particular or as this permit. We cannot be in charge of patent infringements or other violations that may arise with the use of the product.

PurKine(TM) GST-Tag Refinement product is based on ground breaking high-capacity matrix for convenient single-step purification of recombinant glutathione S-transferase (GST) combination proteins and other glutathione binding proteins expressed in E. coli, insect skin cells and mammalian cells.

The portfolio allow optimization of process for maximum necessary protein yield, stability and solubility. Tests also confirm that no decrease in performance occurs after at least five repeated uses. The PurKine(TM) GST-Tag Purification botanical is also available as prepacked spin column and kit formats.

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