Tips on how to make your girl ready for communion

Attending Holy communion is once in a lifetime experience for your girl child. Hence, as a parent, it is your duty to add glamour to the occasion, so that it becomes a lasting memory. By following the below-mentioned tips, you can ensure that the girl enjoys the occasion to the core.

Safety and comfort should be a top priority– There are many designer holy communion dresses available in the market, but you should select the dress that is comfortable and suitable to wear. The longer skirts may pose difficulty and there are chances that the girl may stumble or fall on stairs. Another challenge is to select the fabric that is soft and gentle to her skin. Satin works the best. The communion shoes should not be dis-comfortable and should not even harm her tiny feet. It is always better to try the shoes prior to the occasion so that comfort is not compromised.

Involve your child- It is important to involve your child while buying the dress because they need to be present at time of measurements and other matters. She will feel extra special, however, if she will play an active role in shopping for dress, shoes and accessories. If you select the dress for the girl, she can however, search the catalogs, design, colors, etc. it will add a special feel to the occasion. Its important to dress the girl a day earlier for few minutes, it will give her the glimpse of the event better.

A brief period of practice is necessary– the long hours of practice is not appropriate for the young girl. But a brief period of perfection is necessary. A single rehearsal before the event will give the girl the much required practice. A few short sessions

Unrealistic expectations-When it comes to holy communion, there are a lot of expectations that we create in our mind from our girl child. But in reality, there are chances that large crowds, unfamiliar routine may affect their mindset. Hence, it is the duty of the parent from child’s perspective.

Gift her- Holy Communion calls for gifts, hence it is important to give your girl child goodies in form of nutritious treats or gifts with a special touch. You can also gift her traditional gifts that suits the occasion like Bible, rosary, etc. If you want to make the gift look exquisite, you can also grant her antique jewelry that suits the occasion. A few words of encouragement will make the girl feel confident and involved. They will have a fabulous time and will enjoy the experience.

In the end, we would like to conclude Holy Communion is an important event hence it is mandatory to buy an appropriate properly and observe the rules laid down by the church.