Why Has Online Counseling Become So Important In The Digital Age?

There was a time when parents taught their children moral values at home, so that when they go out, they would behave properly. Today is different, the new era is digital. Kid’s favorite place where they like to stay is online. They are always connected on social media, taking selfies, sharing stories and exchanging memes. In the digital world, sometimes there are elements which could be harmful for kids and youngsters. They may find themselves on the verge of depression and anxiety. Help must be provided to them.

Online counseling has become very popular in the past several years. It is equally important for kids and adults to get online counseling, because

It Is Effective

Online counseling is very effective for the clients. Distance between the provider and the patient makes it easy for the patient to open up about things that bother him or her. People who have anxieties usually avoid contact with others, but in the case of distance method, they too feel comfortable and participate in the therapy sessions on their own will. Surveys suggest that there is no difference between the effectiveness of traditional counseling and online counseling when it comes to the treatment of Anxiety and depression.


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Life is fast. Everyone is preoccupied with their busy routines and tough schedules. Most people skip their sessions, because they do not have enough time to spare. However, an online session can be attended at any place and at any time. All you need is a mobile communication device and you can have real time face to face sessions with your online counselor. Skype and other face to face communication apps are used for the purpose. Online counseling services are also accessible for those who have tough work hours. It saves time and makes it easy for both client and help provider.


For youngsters it is difficult to talk to their parents and elders about their online life. They might find someone charming but couldn’t decide what to do or they might be exploited by someone and didn’t share it with anyone to avoid the embarrassment. But they can easily rely on their online counselor, mainly because they can understand their problems better and also because they are fully aware of the conundrums of the digital life themselves. They can help them better with their online problems and phobias than the traditional counselor.

Character Education

Another important aspect of online counseling is character building. Kids are reckless, teenage years could be very unpredictable. Their vulnerability can drag them to a place where saving won’t be possible. In the digital age, even crimes are based on techniques. Teenagers have been victims of online grooming. They are getting addicted to online gambling. Online counseling can cover all the aspects of internet that could be damaging for the youngsters, and could serve as a guide for them. They can have a strong character, and they would be completely aware of the possible dangers associated with the web and social networking sites.