Best Ping Pong Tables Reviews & Guide 2017

“You’re right into table tennis, aren’t you? We’re believing of buying a table for the home.

” Well, that depends. What do you want it for?”, I respond …

This is a rather normal discussion for me. pingpongtablee Possibly I ought to begin charging for my suggestions as well as call it ‘consultancy’. No, that’s a silly suggestion, yet below’s a blog post that should work as a strong compilation of all the conversations I have actually had over the years about acquiring table tennis tables.


And also there’s a lot to cover! I’ll be writing about;

  • Do you actually need your very own table tennis table?
  • Low-cost table tennis tables
  • Pricey table tennis tables
  • Used table tennis tables
  • The significance of table density
  • Table tennis tables for colleges and also clubs
  • Robotics for table tennis tables
  • The most effective Indoor table tennis tables
  • The very best Exterior table tennis tables
  • The best Table tennis table tops

This is mosting likely to be a rather large post so do not hesitate to skip to whichever areas are most pertinent to you, or by all implies review it throughout! Allow’s begin. portable ping pong table top As well as the initial question I’ve got for you is a crucial one …

Do you actually need a table tennis table?

You have actually begun playing table tennis and also you are significant concerning wanting to obtain excellent at it. Also though having a table in your home can be a dazzling means to boost the amount of your technique (we have actually done the bulk of Sam’s Expert in a Year practice on the table in his flat kitchen) it can usually come to be swiftly neglected about as well as packed away in a corner someplace.

I’ve been playing table tennis because I was regarding 10 years old. My parents kindly got me a table when I was about twelve I think.

I began off playing with my dad but he does not play table tennis himself and also after a brief while it ended up being silly attempting to play with him. Sure, we could have a knock around, yet I had not been going to be able to do any kind of serious method with him. Mum recommends we wheel the table out into the yard, but you can not play outside with the wind.

Over time the table was being used much less as well as less. For our family members, in our home, and with the kind of level of table tennis I was playing at the time, having a table just didn’t make sense. If you are just a recreational gamer, playing for fun, as well as you simply desire a table to use from time to time, then it doesn’t really matter if room is restricted as well as you don’t have anybody who could play to exercise with.


How much area do I need?

A full-sized table tennis table is 274 cm x 152.5 centimeters. If you are thinking about getting a table to make use of inside your residence it is possibly worth noting that out on the floor and seeing if it appears sensible to be able to mess around it (you’ll require at least a metre on all sides also if you are simply playing for enjoyable).

  • Entertainment gamers probably need a minimum space of about 475 centimeters x 350 centimeters.
  • Players seeking to do real training require a minimum of 600 cm x 400 cm (Sam’s kitchen area is 6m x 4m and also as you’ll see we get by doing the majority of our training there yet that is the outright minimum you can escape. We also press the table into the corner of the space to give Sam additional space on his end and more room on his backhand side than forehand side to ensure that he could go ’round the edge’).
  • If you desire to both have simply about adequate room to play, really you’ll most likely require 7m x 5m.
  • Neighborhood competitions will generally give you a playing court which is 9m x 5m.
  • At national level events the court will be 12m x 6m.
  • For worldwide competition play, the ITTF states a minimal court dimension of 14m long, 7m wide, as well as 5m high, according to Legislation
  • Do you have sufficient area? After that you could always get an exterior table rather, if the solution is no but you are only wanting to play for enjoyable. Then 6m x 4m is the outright minimum as well as 7m x 5m is a lot far better, if you are looking for major technique!

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Who am I mosting likely to have fun with?

If you’re just playing for enjoyable after that you could play with whoever occurs to be about; good friends, household, pet dog. Then you’ll need to believe concerning that you are going to play with, if you are looking for some severe method. If you have the area there are plenty of alternatives;

  • Does anybody in your residence play? If so, you’re gold.
  • Do you have friends that live in your area that play? Educating with them in your home will save money on club membership and method charges.
  • Can you manage a train? Most of table tennis trainers using private mentoring are happy to visit your home.
  • Could you get a robotic? If you do not have anybody to have fun with you can constantly buy a table tennis robot.
  • In conclusion, if you are seeking severe training after that you need to ensure you’ve obtained adequate space and also you have someone to play with. As soon as you’ve obtained that arranged we could start thinking of exactly what kind of table to purchase.

Economical Table Tennis Tables

I intend to briefly compose a little bit about inexpensive table tennis tables. Great deals of people believe that a table tennis table is a table tennis table as well as consequently they just consider a tons of tables as well as choose the cheapest one. If you look somewhere like Argos you’ll see tables choosing simply over ₤ 100. Why invest a few hundred when you can simply obtain among those?

The trouble is that these tables play really negative. Attempting to play on a 12mm table tennis table truly isn’t worth it.


if you are on a truly limited budget and also don’t have much money to spend try to at the very least make certain you obtain a 16mm table.. When it comes to bounce yet they are a large renovation on the virtually unplayable 12mm tables, these still typically aren’t fantastic. Ideally you are looking for 19mm plus.

Costly Table Tennis Tables

On the other side, if your table tennis table isn’t really mosting likely to be utilized for elite level play you do not should spend a privileged on it. Argos likewise offer the Butterfly Centrefold table for ₤ 1199.99! It’s a truly great 25mm table that is fantastic to use yet if you are buying tables for your club, residence or institution after that you actually don’t have to be paying this much. You are unlikely to discover much difference once you hit the ₤ 500-600 array, unless you are a top gamer as well as are utilized to training as well as completing on just the best tables.

Make sure you are obtaining a 22mm or 25mm table leading. Sometimes, branded tables will certainly market for regarding ₤ 500 as well as they are still only 19mm.

Second Hand Table Tennis Tables

A top quality table tennis table should last for years and also years. That means that numerous second hand tables can be an outright deal. Getting tables previously owned is a great means to either get a top of the range table for ₤ 200-300, or an ordinary table for simply ₤ 100. You can view on locations like eBay and also Gumtree.

When I began coaching at a college that only had three tables I suggested to the personnel accountable that it would be a smart idea to purchase one more couple. They said that they educate didn’t have the budget plan, presuming that a table would certainly cost regarding ₤ 500. I went home as well as took a look on Gumtree and also took care of to discover someone selling 2 Butterfly 25mm Space Saver tables, that if acquired brand-new would cost concerning ₤ 800 a piece, for ₤ 300!

There are most definitely some great bargains to be had and for most individuals have shimmering new tables actually isn’t really that crucial. All you will have to organize is a van to choose and go up the tables, typically the proprietor isn’t really able to shipment them, and afterwards you ready to go. You could have a buy brand-new internet for them also.

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The importance of table thickness

When it comes to table tennis tables …

TABLE THICKNESS, if you got to this factor in the post I’m sure you have actually currently noticed my main issue

This is the key variable. Forget exactly how wonderful it looks as well as what brand it is (and whatever else) as well as concentrate on table density. This is exactly what you are spending for. It costs a great deal to earn a 25mm thick table tennis table. That’s why they set you back a lot.

  • I wish to briefly cover all the different table thickness’ available, once more, and offer my thoughts on each.12 mm– The most inexpensive tables. Avoid in any way expenses!
  • 16mm– Not a fantastic bounce. If money is limited and don’t pay also a lot, just acquire.
  • 19mm– Preferably the minimum. Will cost ₤ 250+ yet don’t pay more than ₤ 400.
  • 22mm– Basically excellent bounce. Shop around and also you could get one for ₤ 400+.
  • 25mm– The very best but much like 22mm. Will certainly set you back ₤ 500, approximately ₤ 1,500!
  • Please do not buy 12mm tables. They’re not worth it. You’ll be disappointed.
  • Try as well as steer clear of 16mm ones too. I think they are fine for entertainment use but that’s it.
  • Don’t pay ₤ 500 for a 19mm table. You’ll kick yourself later on. Lots of schools wind up doing this.
  • A 22mm table is good sufficient for any type of club or tournament, in my point of view.
  • Even if you desire the very best kind of table you don’t really need to spend greater than ₤ 600 to obtain a 25mm one.