What is better, above ground swimming pool or below ground swimming pool?

If you own a home, and have undergone even one sweltering summer day, you would have considered getting a pool for the backyard.  Plunging into cool pool water and doing a number of few laps are great ways to feel refreshed from Mr. Sol looking down at your face.

However, when planning to purchase a pool, you have to make a decision. Will you opt for above ground pool or below the ground pool? Consider the following:

Above ground swimming pools

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  • Built above the ground.
  • Cheaper than the in ground pool.
  • Requires smaller area in your backyard.
  • Easily installed and disassembled anytime.

Above ground pools can be round or oval shapes at any sizes to suit your backyard. With a variety of beautiful design-inspired liners, your pool will have a custom look. If you decide to relocate, you can quickly dismantle and transport your pool to a new location.


  • Less expensive than in-ground ones.
  • Needs minimal maintenance for there are no underground pipes and drains.
  • Finally, if you wish to get rid of your pool in the future, there are neither costs involved nor professionals to hire. You can DIY with friends.


  • Parts are easily breakable, ladders become, and filter becomes easily rusty.
  • Much smaller than in-ground pools.
  • Finally, in assembling and disassembling, you are pretty much on your own. Not too many professionals are out to help you.

Below ground swimming pool

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  • Built in-ground.
  • More expensive than above ground pool.
  • Requires wider area.
  • Building it takes a month or two to be fully completed.
  • You can install diving board and pool slide in it.

Pool maintenance is a little bit laborious with this type of pool. In most cases, materials use either vinyl, concrete, or fibrerglass are quite expensive.


  • In-ground pools are well-made, and guaranteed to last.
  • Typically installed by professionals.
  • Finally, an in-ground pool usually has a huge size advantage; most are huge, with some looking more like lakes than pools


  • Are incredibly expensive.
  • An in-ground pool is also harder to winterize than an above-ground one. The entire pool will need to be cleaned, as will all its parts.

In ground vs. Above Ground Pool

  • Size

An above ground pool is larger, than an in ground pool. If you have a big family, you need a bigger pool size.

  • Maintenance

In ground pools require more maintenance. You have to take good care of your pool especially in winter.

  • Longevity

Typically, a ground pool’s longevity is from 7-15 years. After this time the structure starts giving out. The liners are good for 5-9 years prior to its replacement.

Finally, after considering everything, you come up to the decision: considering the space, budget, the ability to work with tools, and whether your pool is still useful within 5-10 years. So decide and evaluate which is best. After reaching a decision, go to the proper outlet and buy it. Make above ground swimming pool in your backyard the focal point for socializing and bonding with family and friends!

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