Reach out to your customers online

Gone are the days when you could guarantee that you were going to receive a certain number of customers as long as your product or service was good enough. It is almost laughable now to think that many people in days gone by would just need to make enough effort to set up a company, and then all they would have to do is wait for the customers to come knocking. Nowadays, it almost does not matter what you do to attract customers, because there are already a million and one other companies out there who have already beaten you to it. So how can you reach out to your customers online in a new and inventive way?

Well, for a start you will need to think about online rather than offline. If you have not heard of the term offline before, it is an umbrella word for anything that happens ‘in real life’, or face to face. For example, if you hand out a leaflet in a mall to a person than that is offline marketing, because by definition it did not happen online. One of the key problems with people who are trying to reach their audience is that they are concentrating all of their efforts on offline marketing, which is starting to become a dying marketplace. Instead, you need to concentrate on reaching out to your customers online which is where almost everyone is for at least some portion of the day. After all, one of the key challenges of marketing is finding your audience – and as studies have shown that almost every household in the country has access to the internet, there’s one place where you can be guaranteed to find them!

So how exactly can you go about it? Let’s take, for example, a person who runs a Botox course giving their students the chance to get their Botox certification so that they can practise Botox and give injections. One of the first things that you should do is to set up your own website. It does not have to be complicated, and it certainly does not have to cost you the earth; a quality website should have just enough information for the viewer to understand what it is that you offer, and then give them the contact details to get in touch with you for more information. You do not want to give them all of the information that they want initially, otherwise you may find that they do not bother to get in touch with you at all!

So if you were a person running a Botox course, your website would need to include information such as when and where the Botox course takes place, how much it costs, and what sort of Botox certification they would receive upon completing the course. More than that, and they should need to fill out a contact form so that they can get in touch with you directly. This will create your list of warm leads, giving you direct access to people’s inboxes or phones so that you can talk directly to them about what it is that you can offer them. You can even send them discount codes, sneak peeks of the Botox course, and reviews from previous students on how great the course was.

By following this simple step of getting your business online, you will very quickly find that the people who discover you and get in touch because they are interested in your business will soon follow. You just need to take the step to get yourself online.


Author: simonhopes007

Simon Hopes is a great writer and social media enthusiast.