Making a new iron friend: ProGo 3000 propane powered scooter

The truth still remains that a majority of these mechanical devices that we depend on for making our lives easier have a less desirable effect on our environment. A lot of the machines that we use are mechanically powered and as a result, they release gases that are harmful to the atmosphere as they burn their fuels. This – not only as a global issue – has being a problem the industry has being trying to conquer with the production of machines that would not harm the environment as they operate. Several decades have experienced the effort invested into the design and development of machines that run on clean fuel. As a result of this, the ProGo scooter got produced with the intention of offering a personal carrier that is powerful like the gasoline operated scooter and doesn’t bring harm to the eco system like its electric counterparts. This link says it all.

ProGo 3000 – going through an economical and healthier route

The ProGo 3000 scooter is a product of a company based in Los Angeles, which goes by the name ProGo. This is a personal carrier that weighs 35 pounds and can travel at a speed of up to 20 miles per hour. Its power source is propane, which is stored in a replaceable canister. One of the features that make the ProGo 3000 suitable both for indoor and outdoor usage is its propane power source, unlike the gasoline-powered scooters. The fact that propane is a source of clean fuel makes it economically sustainable than other scooters with different sources of fuel. This contributes to it getting approval by the CARB and EPA, which makes it a good deal for everyone that loves scooters and the environment. Imagine all these benefits from a slick personal carrier that costs around $300 to $400 – what more could one ask for?

Checking out the ProGo 3000 propane scooter

The features of this machine include a capacity of 1.25 quintals, warranty of 3 months, steel body, capacity to hold up to 200 pounds of load, a replaceable propane gas canister, ability to travel up 60 64 km on a single canister of propane, and the scooter weighs about 35 pounds itself.

The pros include its lightweight that adds to its comfort of use, its design that makes it fast to refill its gas tank, its maintenance is easier compared to the electric and gasoline-powered scooters. It produces less noise because of its 4-stroke engine, and propane is found to be both friendly to the pocket and environment, unlike gasoline. The carbon emission of the ProGo is lower than that of gasoline operated scooters, which means it does not harm the environment like the others. You can forget about vibration as you ride because this beast is built not to vibrate.

However, we can’t have all pros and no cons, which is why we would look into the few cons that this propane powered personal carrier also possess.There is a drop in its maximum power due to the use of a smaller fuel-air mixture in the cylinder of propane. However, this is nothing compared to all the benefits that it offers.

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