What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say Pager? Most of the people would think of a marvelous invention that is not of any use in the recent times. If you have also thought the same, then you are quite wrong. Although an innovation of the past, the paging device has continued to maintain its position in the contemporary era. A large number of sectors starting from medical to hospitality, legal and entertainment- all depends on this equipment for effectual communication, which in turn leads to client satisfaction and enhancement of business outputs as well as sales.


After being informed of the fact that pagers are still very much in demand, the next common question that would crop up in an individual’s mind is ‘where can I buy a pager?’ Not to worry because there are many excellent retail stores as well as online outlets that sell high-quality and functional paging systems at a reasonable price. One exceptional example of such a platform is Witop. For upgraded messaging solutions, you could look forward to their site. They have a wide-range of standard pagers and consumers could buy any of them, in accordance with their needs.

However, before buying a pager, would not you be stuck with a question that ‘why should I buy one?’ Today’s age is replete with technological innovations and with so many hi-tech gadgets readily available in the market, why would one think of getting a paging device? Well, reasons are many and some of them would be described below in brief.


1) Pagers are a fabulous invention, which makes use of satellite technology and simulcasting. This is the reason that people using pagers are always reachable. There is no such thing as ‘poor signals’, which are commonly associated with mobile phones.

2) Messages sent from a pager reach the receiver within a very short span of time (30 sec or less). Text messages sent from mobiles sometimes do take longer times to be delivered as they are confronted with network congestion.

3) During natural disasters like cyclones, floods or earthquakes; cellphones tend to lose their signals. However, pagers are immune to such conditions. If a person is stuck in any such kind of issue, he/she could contact for help through paging systems.

4) Pagers are much more reliable than mobile technologies and it is due this aspect that they are preferred in the medical domains. A message sent from a pager would most certainly be delivered. Issues of dropped calls and lost texts are not associated with this device.

5) Most of the recent smartphones are fragile and tend to damage on the slightest glitch. On the contrary, pagers stand to be much durable and last for prolonged periods.

6) Pagers are discreet and could be easily concealed. These devices are light-weighted and portable; hence could be carried from one place to another without any difficulty.

7) Paging devices are cheap. They could be afforded by everyone unlike the modern expensive mobile technologies.

The above-mentioned points would convince a person that pagers are beneficial and thus, they must buy it. To remind about the question- ‘where can I buy a pager?’you could easily get these devices in technological shops or online platforms like Witop.

Author: simonhopes007

Simon Hopes is a great writer and social media enthusiast.