Understanding the Types of Juicers in the Market

Getting to Know the Differences between the Juicers You Need2

Probably, one of the reasons why people buy the inappropriate juicers is because they do not understand what differentiates one juicer from another. To arrive at the best results, different fruits would require certain features from a juice extractor and this is what one might be considering to compare at Juicer Guru. They, therefore, may not know the one that will suit their need or not. Different juicers extract juice in different manners, and this informs the one you will need. So, you have to select according to the produce you intend juicing with it and the type of blend you want to achieve in the juice. However, if you are the type that will normally juice different fruits and vegetables at the same time, then you should go for the juicer that can handle the hardest of all the produce you are juicing.

The Three Main Types of Juicers
Wheatgrass juicer
These are the juicers types found to be most appropriate for the vegetables and herbs. They press the veggies so hard and the juice is squeezed out from the leaves in the process. Now, the mechanism for this type of juicer is that extreme pressure is applied by turning the auger that looks like a screw. This, in turn, will push the produce into a very small space, where it will be forced against a grinding extraction plate to bring out the juice. There is no clogging with this type of juicer

Masticating Juicers
Here, the juice is squeezed out through a low-speed gear mechanism. The advantages of this type of juicer are that more juice is extracted when you use it and it does not cause oxidation. It comes in two versions. They include the one gear type and the two gear type. They are slow, they do not emit much heat and they give better-finished products. However, they are costlier and more difficult to clean, coupled with the fact that some clogging of the veggies may occur when you use them to juice vegetables.

Centrifugal Juicers
This type is the most rampant of them all. This works like a grater. The produce is grated into a pulp and the liquid squeezed out of the pulp. While the pulp is picked by a basket inserted in it, the juice gets into a collection spout. They are cheap and very easy to clean. However, when you compare this with other juicers, you will realize that they have a lesser level of efficiency than others. And the juice produced with these spoil easily because the juice is aerated by the machine’s high RPMs.

Other Specifications of Juicers
Single gear juicers
This is the type that chews the vegetables with a single gear that runs through the veggies to grind them into a pulp and bring out the juice. Here, the pulp is squeezed against the internal part of the machine and the juice gets extracted.

Here, two augers are used to chew the produce into a pulp. After this, the whole pulp is squeezed against the machine and the juice is extracted from the pulp.  Because of the double gear, the efficiency of the extraction process is doubled and more juice gets extracted. Because of the increased pressure, vitamins, enzymes and other nutrients are also extracted. Oxidation is reduced because of low RPMs.

After this piece, it should be easier for you to select a juicer that would serve the right purpose.

Twin gear juicers

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