4 Tips for Writing Your Personal Presentation for College Application

Every student trying to apply for a university has to do a personal statement. It will be used to differentiate candidates. In order to create a personal presentation for your college admission process, you will need to allocate a lot of resources. You need to make a thorough research on the topic of the personal statement, plan it, write it, and modify it in order to fit the criteria.

                The statement needs to be of high-quality in order to make a distinction between you and the larger group. You might use the statement to motivate your choice regarding the degree or to talk about a certain topic. In both cases, its essence must be expressed in a coherent manner. Here are 4 tips you should consider when writing your personal statement.

1.     You must choose the topic with your heart

                If you want to have a statement that can pack a punch, you should write it with passion. You should write about your passions, about what raises your blood pressure. You shouldn’t consider writing in order to impress the admission committee. A cold and plastic essay won’t give you the upper hand.

                Usually, the most attractive essays are the ones describing a development stage in your life. This kind of moments is described differently by each and every one of us. Creating a cold and detached essay, one that you hope will impress your audience, won’t be a very good idea.

                Whether you like it or not, creating a good personal statement requires a vast amount of time. You need to plan it, put it on paper, revise it a few times until, finally, you will have a one of a kind presentation. If you choose the topic with your heart, you will be able to finish the process a lot quicker and it will be quite pleasant.

2.     Create an attractive opening paragraph

                The admission committee will designate a professor to read your essay. He won’t know your personal record because the process will have to be as objective as possible. This being said, you won’t have many resources to get his attention. You need to create a very attractive opening paragraph in order to keep him interested.

                If you want to get his attention you need to create a very vivid image of the subject you are talking about. If you are talking about a hobby you have, you need to provide as many details as possible, thus create a comprehensive image of your hobby. This exhaustive image will make your reader want to know more. The more they read, you have greater chances to sell yourself.

3.     Support your affirmations with arguments

                Everyone can make a good affirmation, but not everyone can support his affirmation in a logical way. A high-quality essay should include at least one paragraph explaining your affirmations and the reasons why you have chosen to write about that certain topic. Let’s say you have chosen to write about a certain hobby you have. Apart from writing about it, you should also explain how it affected your life, how it helped you develop at a personal level.

4.     Proofread and edit your essay accordingly

                A personal statement needs to be read at least 5 times after you finished it. This way you’ll make sure it is perfect from a grammatical point of view. If you consider it appropriate, you can always ask for professional help at this stage of your essay. Bestcustomessay.org are one of the best out there, they can always give you a hand. They are a team of professional writers and they can take your essay to a whole new level. You should give it a try!


                A good personal presentation can be the difference between being accepted at the college you want or being rejected. If you want to have a one of a kind end result, you should take note of these tips. Once you do that, you won’t have any trouble in joining the university you want.

Author: simonhopes007

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