Granny Pods:The New Sensation?

As we grow older, we eventually realiseit’s our parents and grandparents who now require care from us.Once our elderly loved ones aren’t as mobile as they once were, they  end up becoming secluded. This is not an ideal situation and poses the risk of them injuring themselves when no one else is around to help. 5

AARP estimates that almost twenty-three million Americans are responsible for taking care of their parents and grandparents. Such estimates and figures only help to emphasize the point that elderly family members require our timely attention. When it comes to finding a solution for their accommodation, however, nursing homes may not be the best idea in the long-run due to their vastly expensive facilities. Also, such an idea could cause undue stress and anxiety for the families who are separated from their aged family member. While many people like the idea of having their elderly parents or grandparents live with them in their apartment, many people don’t have the necessary space.

A convenient housing solution for your elderly loved ones

Many families attempt to make space for their elderly parents in their existing living spaces, but this proves too impractical when trying to divide the living rooms. Finding the requires space is challenging when most adult carers have children of their own. Lack of space becomes a permanent issue and the elderly parents are often not as comfortable as they could be.

There is an alternative solution available known as the ‘Granny Pod.’ Also referred to as a MED Cottage, this style of dwelling is essentially a small, yet portable home that can reside in the back of your yard. They were designed by a Blacksburg VA Company with the help from Virginia Tech. Long story short, picture a sort of a guest house combined with the added benefits of a medical facility.

What Granny Pods can offer your family

Granny Pods are the most convenient, relatively cost-effective and useful way to keep your parents and grandparents close, while providing them with privacy and space. MEDCottages are designed to be installed in the backyard of a property as a transportable home and abides by the legalities of the zoning laws. Best of all, these structures can be connected to the main house’s existing sewer lines, water supply, and power lines. The apartment is also installed with standard safety features such as hand railings, first-aid kits, defibrillators, lighted floorboards that are also soft to reduce the impact of a fall.  The average price of such MEDCottages is estimated to range between $85,000 to $125,000.

Moreover,portable granny flats closely resemble miniature bungalows from the outside and a beautiful hotel room suite from the inside. The standard dimensions of a Granny Pod are about 12 feet by 24 feet. Picture a dwelling with a  spacious master bedroom, a living room, kitchenette and bathroom. Double Frenchdoors add that much needed personal touch with their vintage detailing and the house also accommodates wheelchairs and hospital equipment if needed. Granny flats are typically manufactured in three variations: MEDCottage, Classic and Grand. You can rest easy knowing your elderly loved one is livingcomfortably close by in these cottages.

Much more than just a granny flat

Additional benefits of transportable MED Cottages include small robotic features that can help to monitor the vital signs of their occupants. There is also high-tech gear available such as air purifiers that help to remove the contaminants residing in the natural air, and technological gadgets that signal alerts and reminders to take supplements, timely medicines, and other important events. Although the distance between the main house and the Granny Pod is negligible, communication from within the MED Cottage is extremely easy with high-tech video and texting technology already incorporated in the home. Webcams can also be installed to watch over your elderly loved ones in case of an accident.In case of any emergencies, these pods have alert system technology to inform the caregivers as soon as possible.

While these innovative granny apartments have gathered much popularity, some are still dubious about the efficiency and usefulness of such cottages. A common problem is that even though the structures provide a comfortable housing solution for the aged, a person’s needs and requirements change dynamically over time. The likelihood that your parent’s condition might outgrow this environment is quite high and if you think about it carefully, MED Cottages only provide you with a temporary solution. This means that ultimately, you would still need the professional assistance of doctors, professional caregivers, and nurses (if needed) to create a holistic environment for your aging parent.

Overall, the decision to invest in a Granny Pod requires a lot of thought both from the senior family member’s point of view as well as their family and caregivers.

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